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DateswithDanie is a lifestyle blog created and written by Daniella Bature. She's a 20-year-old Nigerian girl currently studying and living abroad in Northern Cyprus to be precise. This blog is a place and resource for other young girls from their teens, late teens to the early 20s and even years after that to find resources on some of the things that happened and is happening in our lives as girls when we're transitioning from being little girls to being grown women and young adults. So Daniella shares advice and lifestyle tips for girls based on her own knowledge, her own experience, her own findings, her own adventures and based on what's current and trending in the world today. 

So whether she's telling you about what to do about that boy that likes you or how to have more self-confidence to go out there and achieve your dreams or even how to deal with the monthly flow visitor (you know what I mean? I'm sure you do) or she's telling you about the struggles of uni life. Definitely, if you're within these age brackets, you'd find something you can relate to among her 100% super relatable blog posts. 

So make sure you check out a couple of posts, say hi in the comments, share your own thoughts if the posts relates to you, please don't be shy. I love reading your comments. And also feel free to send me an email if you want to say hi, talk business, want to advertise something on my blog, give me blog post suggestion ideas, critics everything. I'm here for you.

And lastly, let's be friends outside of this blog, can we? I'm on INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || BLOGLOVIN  and SNAPCHAT. Add me up and tell me you're from the blog, let's chat! And lastly (I know I've said lastly twice now but this is really the last),  SUBSCRIBE as a new reader by entering your email HERE to get periodic updates, exclusive information, freebies and enter giveaways as they come up! 

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