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If You Don't Know About Menstrual Cups, Read This !! (What Are Menstrual Cups?)

menstrual cups buy what

menstrual cups what
Purple Menstrual Reusable Cup from Jumia

I can't remember when exactly I learnt about menstrual cups but it was about a year or so ago and yeah, I got to know about it from the internet. So if you just heard or are just hearing the words "MENSTRUAL CUPS", keep reading cause I'm going to be explaining what they are, what they do and everything in between.

What Are Menstrual Cups?

A menstrual cup is one of the options for women to collect blood and protect themselves during their periods after pads and tampons. It is a funnel-shaped cup usually made of rubber or silicone. Some are reusable while others are disposable.  Pads and tampons usually absorb the flow while menstrual cups when inserted into the vagina, catches and collects the blood inside the cup and when full, can be removed and emptied. It can be worn for up to 12 hours straight depending on your flow but shouldn't exceed 12 hours. From the research I have done, a lot of women who have given menstrual cups a chance have never regretted it. Most women have sworn never to go back to using pads or tampons again ( Looking forward to my own experience and how I would feel afterwards ).

Why Menstrual Cups?

MENSTRUAL CUPS are more economical, you can buy one and use for  6 months to years depending on how you care for it and save up on our periodic buying of pads and tampons. It's also more Eco-friendly. I know your main concern right now is how do I insert and remove it easily without pain or anything crazy happening, those were my exact thoughts too before I got my very own menstrual cup from Jumia which I'm excited to try during my next period and share with you guys my experience and also give you all the practical tips, tricks and tea.

what is a menstrual cup
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Which Menstrual Cup Should You Buy? 

Some of the popular menstrual cup brands are Diva cup, Rubycup, Meluna cup, Lunette cup, Organicup and so many others. MENSTRUAL CUPS usually come in a small or a large. Small sizes are recommended for women blow 30 and who haven't given birth vaginally while large sizes are recommended for women above 30 years and who have had a baby vaginally.

Where To Buy Menstrual Cups?

menstrual cup what
How the purple cup from Jumia looks like. 

If you want to go ahead and give menstraul cups a shot, the following information is about where you can buy one online. I bought my menstrual cup from Jumia Ng in a size S obviously, purple in colour but if you're outside Nigeria, you can purchase from or from Amazon (see below).

I do hope I was able to answer your questions about menstrual cups, stay tuned for my review, my experience and my "how to" guide to menstrual cups which will be up soon. Feel free to comment down below any questions or concerns you may still have about menstrual cups or send me a DM on Instagram so I can reply you ASAP.

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