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5 Tips and Hacks Every Girl Needs for Grad Day

Graduation day tips hacks advice
That's me during my university graduation

Graduation day is everybody's dream come through. It's the day we've been praying for, hoping for and waiting for since the first day we stepped foot on campus and finally, it's here or it's approaching really soon. I had my graduation in July 2017 and let me tell you it was exciting quite alright but it was also one of the longest, most tiring and most exhausting days of my life and if I could do that day over again, I would probably do some stuff differently but since I can't, I'm here to help anyone out there with these ultimate grad day tips and hacks. So what are they?

Graduation day tips hacks advice

 5 Tips and Hacks Every Girl Needs for Grad Day 

1. Know the exact time it will start & start getting ready early.
Don't be like me and assume when the ceremony is going to start, know the actual time and work towards being there at that exact time which means you have to start getting ready on time. Hair, makeup, outfit and then actually getting to the venue; these things all take time and some unexpected things can happen while getting ready e.g. your false eyelashes don't glue on as quickly as they used to or you decide you want to straighten your hair last minute or there's traffic on the road. If you end up rushing or virtually running and worse turn up late, you're going to miss out on some things and you're going to be stressed out before you even know it. It's better to be ready way before and actually, take your time, get there early, take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself. 

2. Choose Your Shoes Wisely
When choosing your grad shoes, consider the fact that you will be walking and standing a lot and most of the time so that may not be the day to wear the really tiny heels, painful shoes or generally not so comfortable shoes. I would recommend block midi heels so you can walk around freely, jump and scream, hug your friends and family and take as many photos without the leg and foot ache and walking on wobbly feet. Or you can take 2 different shoes, one for the bomb pictures in the beginning and then switch to something more comfortable later on if you want.

3. Make sure your makeup is on fleek
If you're doing yourself, try and put extra effort than your everyday makeup. My graduation day was the first time I wore false lashes ever. I just wanted to look extra extra. You can get someone else to make you up if makeup isn't one of your strengths because trust me, you don't want to look back at the photos and not love what you see or see the horrible eyebrows or unblended foundation. 

Graduation day tips hacks advice
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4. Make Sure You Eat Before the Ceremony
Trust me, it's easy to be so focused on the grad and forget to eat anything the whole day coupled with the to do's for that day, the standing, walking, picture taking and everything else draining your energy, you are going to start feeling severe hunger pangs sooner or later so eat before you go for the grad guys, no matter how small. 

5. Have Something Planned for Later No Matter How Small
Even if you initially didn't want to do anything like have a dinner, a party or go out, the feeling of accomplishment and joy after the ceremony will make you feel like you need to celebrate in an extra special way. So it's better that you had made some plans than to start thinking if where to go or what to do last minute. 

So those are my 5 Tips, Hacks or Advice for anyone on Graduation day. If you read this and are graduating soon then a big congratulations to you, it's really not easy to be done with any stage of school. Why don't you comment below what part of the grad you're looking forward to the most? And if you're like me and have graduated before, what's one grad day advice or tip you can give? Can't wait to read all your comments.

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