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The Do's and Don'ts for a Clean, Fresh & Healthy Vagina

 The Do's and Don'ts for a Healthy Vagina

In order to keep your vagina looking, smelling and feeling fresh, they're a couple of personal hygiene practices and other things girls can do and adhere to.

Vaginal odour, vaginal infections are real things and sadly a lot of girls struggle with them. I used to at some point in my life until I found a couple of do's and don'ts to make you and your vagina very happy and healthy. Check them out below:

The Do's for a Fresh, Clean & Healthy Vagina

1. Do shave regularly either by using a razor, depilatory creams or waxing. Whatever methods are comfortable for you. Try to always keep your vagina shaven and hair free because hair can make it damp, moist, harbour sweat and moisture and make your vagina area a breathing ground for bacteria and also cause itching and odour. 

2. Do wear cotton underwear only. Cotton is a breathable fabric unlike others like satin, silk, nylon, polyester etc. that don't allow the circulation of air around that area. 

3. Do change your sanitary pads and/or tampons regularly. Avoid wearing one for too long when on your period. Certain bacteria in the period blood, when kept for too long, can cause infections.  

4. Do wash your underwear properly. If you frequently have vaginal infections or itching, wash your panties in hot water to kill any bacteria.

5. Do wash the vagina with just warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals or washes that can cause an imbalance in the natural pH level of your vagina.

The Don'ts of a Fresh, Clean & Healthy Vagina

1. Don't wear wet clothes or underwear for too long. Moisture is a breathing round of yeast which can cause yeast infections. 

2. Don't wear tight jeans or panties all the time. Wear loose clothing every now and then to prevent ingrown hairs and allow circulation of air. 

3. Don't always sleep with your underwear on. Allow your vagina some room to breathe at night. 

4. Don't forget your tampon in your vagina. Some odour cases are because someone forgot their tampon in there. 

5. Don't wipe from back to front. Rather wipe only from front to back when you visit the bathroom because you don't want to transfer bacteria from your anus into your vagina. It could offset your pH level and can be dangerous. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. What's the most important thing you've learnt about your vagina and about vaginal health in general? Mine is that it is of utmost importance to cleanse and dry your vagina area after every visit to the bathroom.  Comment yours down below! Thank you for reading. 

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