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What University Is Really Like? My 3.5 Years University/College Experience

what is university really like, university college experience

  My University/College Experience

What my university/college experience has been like? I should probably just wait until I'm done with uni to write this post but I should have actually written it a very long time ago especially for you guys just starting uni, those who are about to start and are sort of wondering what it's all going to be like and then you guys who need a little support cause you're going through it right now. My first day on campus was on the 1st of March, 2014 which seems like a long time ago but at the same time feels like it was just yesterday, who can relate? You can watch my First Day in University Abroad Experience Video HERE. I started uni at 16 and looking back now, I realize I wasn't prepared at all. A lot has happened to me, with me and around me in these last 7 semesters, keep reading to find out what, how, when and where and probably you can relate too ...

what is university really like, university college experience

Year 1

First year was filled with meeting new people from so many different countries, background, characters and attitudes. People that I never knew even existed in this world, I met and saw them all at university.  In my first ever student apartment of 6 people, I lived with 5 other girls form Botswana, Liberia, Uganda and Tanzania, I was the only Nigerian and that's where I learnt to tolerate a lot of things and trust we used to have housemate and roommate issues on a daily. This was when I started taking on the adulting life for real like living on my own and fending for my self. In the summer of my first year, I also got my first real job and it felt so good to make my own money, pay my own bills but it wasn't easy.  In my first year, a few courses were very challenging but I gave them my all and thanks to some daily studying, daily evening trips to the library with my best friend Bright (actually she literally used to drag me there even when I didn't feel like), some huge heavyweight textbooks from the library (which I'm still trying to convince myself were relevant) and hours upon hours of...  YouTube calculus tutorials, I was able to get an excellent GPA if I do say so myself.

what is university really like, university college experience

Year 2

In my second year, I moved off campus for a couple of reasons I could talk about in another 'uni life' post if you guys want to know, just let me know in the comments. Courses were becoming tougher and 2015 was an emotionally, mentally and spiritually rough year for me. I had to confront my demons, my self-esteem was so low, I didn't know who I was, I was broke, depressed, heartbroken, isolated and just plain unhappy 98% of the time, it was rough. Let me know if you want the details in another post. 

 what is university really like, university college experience

Year 3

I'm still growing, still adulting, still learning. Courses have become tougher, strict annoying lecturers, projects with crazy deadlines, trying to keep my grades on top and get that 4.00 GPA cause I lost 50% of my scholarship due to a drop in my GPA and I tried to get it back for 2 semesters straight and couldn't, it was so painful but after my 7th semester, I eventually did.

Year 3.5 

Among other things, I was determined to get back to a 4.00 GPA and get that scholarship back but with a B in one course - Business Intelligence, a B  which I never expected and was quite heartbreaking for me, I ended up having something a little below my target but still got my scholarship back. From third year till now, it's been lots of late nights, early mornings while working in the faculty as an assistant which I forgot to mention I started in 2015 Fall semester and just quit in this 8th semester just because I'm not ready to be stressed in that area and want as much time as I can get. You might also want to check out 10 Struggles in the life of a University Student, I wrote that post in year 3.5.

 what is university really like, university college experience

Hopefully, in a few months, I'll have my degree and I can tell you more about it, anything you can relate to or want to ask me? Leave a comment below or buzz me on my contacts. Here are a couple of videos you may like to watch  My First Day At University Abroad || High School vs. University: The Differences ||  How to Adapt as an International Student 

  what is university really like, university college experience

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