Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Things I Wish I Did in University

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How Y'all doing? It's time to go back to school and I'm going to be sharing a couple of uni life posts with you guys here on the blog. Check out these videos I posted on my Youtube Channel - High school vs. University, my first day at University at age 16 and How to adapt as an international student studying abroad and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel as you watch.

So I haven't graduated just yet, I have 1 more semester to go by the grace of God and I can not wait to be done. So just looking back over the last 7 semesters that I've been a student at uni, if I could go back in time which is completely, totally and utterly impossible, I would definitely change up some things I mean who wouldn't especially now that I've seen the future but since I can't, I hope you learn from my experience and it's helpful especially if you're a fresher or planning on going to uni very soon.

And if any of you guys are in the U.S. and have student loans that you need to pay back after graduating, check out a company by the name of Earnest. They can help you out with their refinancing options and take some load off your shoulders. So let's get into my 10 things:

1. I wish I had packed a lot more things from home before getting to school.

2. I wish I had said no more often especially to things, people and invites that wasn't convenient for me but I just always found it difficult to turn people down.

3. I wish I had been more vocal with the things I didn't like because I used to tolerate a lot more than I should have and just keep quiet and suck everything in, especially flat mate/room mate issues.

4. I wish I had bullshitted a lot of people especially some "silly, time wasting, no direction and no aim in life" boys cause I was initially trying to be friendly with everyone which was a BIG mistake.

5. I wish I had started blogging right from the beginning of university, I always imagine how huge my blog would have been by now.

6. I wish I didn't have such low self-esteem and lots of insecurities but I did. I really wish I was more confident and thought highly of myself.

7. I wish I had not left everything till last minute - my assignments, quizzes, exams, projects and the list goes on.

8. I wish I had always woke up on time for the bus and not have to miss it and then start the hassle of finding an alternative way to get to school.

9. I wish I had not believed everything I had heard or was told by those I met in uni and who were trying to be my friends, people are deceptive out here.

10. I wish I had not wasted money buying those cheap clothes that couldn't even last for up to a semester.

So yeah, those are 10 things I wish I had done (and hadn't done in university). What are some of yours? Feel free to share them in the comments below and also state if you've graduated or what year you're currently in.

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