Monday, September 04, 2017

3 Tips To Prevent Bumps & Itching After Shaving Your Armpits & Down There

prevent shaving itching and bumps

 For those who have sensitive skin around their armpits and vagina like me, shaving can be a very scary task because of how the skin reacts when ever the hair that covers it is removed. When ever I shave, I always have serious itching, extremely painful and unbearable bumps and major discomfort for days both in my armpit and pubic region. And it's constantly burning and itching me which is very embarrassing especially when I'm out in public.

So how can you avoid all these bad side effects of shaving on sensitive skin?

1. Eliminate Razors - Stop using any type of razors/shaving stick, whether it's specifically for women or has any special mechanisms, just put them aside. Even when I tried using a shaving gel, it still didn't work. So I have taken razors/shaving sticks completely out of my routine.

2. Use depilatory creams instead - Depilatory creams are what we call hair removal cream. They work by dissolving the hair at the skin's surface. One of the most popular depilatory creams is VEET although they are many others. All you have to do is rub it over the area basically like a normal cream and leave for about 10 minutes, I like to put a lot so that it can get everything off easily. Then you simply wash it off and the hair comes off with it.

There's no pain whatsoever but the hair does grow back quickly so you might have to use it more often. Apart from that, if you really have sensitive skin and you haven't shaved in a while, you'll still experience some burning and itching, which is why you should have something to soothe the just shaven area like using a roll-on on it or some lotion.

3. Do not let the hair grow for too long before you shave - I've found out that when I get lazy and leave the hair to grow for too long especially pubic hair, the hairs curl and enter twine with each other, making it hard to easily take off and take off completely without having ingrown hair or short spiky little hairs on the surface. So shaving the hair off as soon as a little bit grows is very very recommended.

What other tips do you have to take care of bumps, burns, injury and itching from shaving? Share in the comments below.

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