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How To Do A Snapchat Cleanse || Throw Out The Baggage & Bring in the Good

how to do a snapchat cleanse, dateswithdanie blog

Incase you didn't know, I'm on snap chat guys so please add me up and say hi to me when you do so I can know you're from the blog. My id is Daniella.bature. So I recently, I did a snap chat cleanse where I just went through my contact list, friend list and un-followed a whole bunch of people.

When I first joined snapchat, it was really exciting because it had been around for a bit and a lot of people at my school were on there so I was just on an adding spree. I felt I needed to get a lot of friends to make up for the months that I didn't do snap chat. And you know how stalker - ish and nosey snapchat can be, so I was just eager to know what people were up to and where they were and all those stuff. So I would add any body and anything. A lot of people I didn't even know and till date never knew. Some people's snaps were really stupid and lousy but I kept them anyway just cause they make the list longer. And back then, I would add anyone who adds me back cause my privacy settings were different.

So you guessed right, at a point, the snaps I had to load and watch when ever I come online were just too much so I avoided snapchat entirely or when I feel like it, would just load a few people's who I was interested in. You only as good as the things you listen to and what you consume especially on your social media, I was lacking inspiration especially in my blogging path and there was nothing on my snap I could really relate to.

So I went on a mission to remove any contact whose snaps weren't speaking to me, inspiring me, enlightening me, entertaining me or is really important to me like snaps of close friends. As harsh as that may seem, people post rubbish on there, like why would I want to watch snaps of you just looking at the camera with your red eyes after you've gotten high AF and you're talking gibberish or everyday it's your blurry scattered room with friends or your occasional  burnt noodles videos and worst snapchat pages where people come to host, I don't know about you but I never watched them so why should I keep them.  If it's bloggers and YouTubers that are hosting, I would be there watching the snaps as they post not people coming to host and not really saying anything worth while you know.

Then, I went to search and scout for bloggers, YouTubers, online influencers and basically people who I look up to and take inspiration from. And I've been enjoying every moment of it. And if I mistakenly find another person whose snaps are not just worth it, I'm removing asap.  So what you want to do is go through your feed and honestly ask yourself, how many of these snaps do I even watch or do I enjoy or do I gain from. Then are you following the top players and celebrities in your field on snapchat - make up artists, photographers, models, bloggers, actors everyone is on snapchat now. You can see behind the scenes of their lives, what they do, how they get ready and just their everyday life.

how to do a snapchat cleanse, dateswithdanie blog

Where to find their snap IDs because obviously you don't have their numbers or you may, lol.  Instagram Bios, YouTube about page, Instagram post caption, their personal blogs/website or simply google "name of person" snapchat id and you're bound to get it. And the way my settings are set up, I don't have to block anybody. If I unfriend you, nothing much changes. You can still see my snaps, I just can't see yours. What do you guys think of this cleanse thing? Let me know in the comments below. I'm sorry this post is longer than I wanted it to be. But thanks for reading till the end!

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