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How To Avoid Getting Those Painful Pad Rashes Down There

avoid pad rashes

So in this post, we'll be talking pad rashes and how to avoid them, how to prevent getting them. Now if you don't know what pad rashes are or you've never had them, then wow! Wow! 😕 But pad rashes are basically the bruises, bumps and painful stuff that you get around your vagina, anus (anus is such a disgusting word 😅) and inner thighs mostly when you are on your period or just after your period.

Now pad rash is very similar to what babies get which is called nappy rash. and they get nappy rash when they have a wet diaper on for too long and the skin reacts to the wetness by producing rashes which is why parents always try to change the baby's diaper as soon as they pee or poo, so their skin doesn't get irritated.

Same way, us girls get pad rash when we're on our periods and our skin reacts to the moisture and wetness of the blood, now how can you avoid having pad rash?

#Tip 1 Change your pad regularly
Do not wear your pad for too long. Typically, wearing your pad for more than 3- 4 hours is very very wrong cause it can lead to some urinary tract infection and odour from the bacteria that grow in the blood. But not wearing your pad for too long is going to help you avoid these rashes so you need to change your pads as soon as it gets soaked.

#Tip 2 Use night pads
The ones which are meant for heavy flow whether your flow is heavy or not because they tend to absorb more, keep you dry for much longer so definitely go for night pads.

#Tip 3 Regularly wash your vagina area
Wash your vulva area as frequently as you can with some water and whenever you are about to change your pad so the blood doesn't stick to your skin and make sure to dry it up as well. If you are out like at school or in a public bathroom and can't use water, use very wet wipes to wipe down there properly.

#Tip 4 Avoid wearing very tight underwear
Avoid wearing tight panties and especially jeans even when you're aren't on your period so it doesn't drag, pull and rub against your skin and then cause rashes.

#Tip 5 Urine can cause rashes too
Always wash and dry your vulva area whenever you pee and whenever you go to the bathroom because urine can also wet your skin and cause rashes.

#Tip 6 Use Baby Powder 
Use some baby powder on your skin when you wash and dry your vagina area so it keeps it dry and not wet.

#Tip 7 Change to a dry pad and dry underwear once you are stained.

Avoid pad rashes dateswithdanie
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So thank you guys for reading, I hope these tips help. And leave a comment down below on what your experiences have been with pad rash and how you prevent it.

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  1. Hi Danie,
    These tips were really useful, I actually always wondered how to deal with them.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awwwww you're so welcome. So glad they helped.


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