Sunday, August 27, 2017

7 Honest Reasons Us Girls Probably Keep Bae a Secret

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Hi, guys, I was inspired to write this post basically because of makeupshayla. If you don't know who makeupshayla is, she's a beauty Youtuber & influencer and she's quite popular, so check her out. Anyways, she's been dating someone for a while now and kept showing flashes and glimpses of him on her snap chat which is sort of like a public place being that she's a public figure and all, and then finally, she decided to introduce him to the world some days ago on her Youtube channel.

And so I just randomly thought to myself, why do us girls feel like we shouldn't show bae to the world just yet until perhaps the right time which brings up another question - when actually is the right time? So I brainstormed a bit and came up with 7 reasons us girls (myself included) probably keep bae a secret. So let me know in the comments what you think about this list and which you can relate to, so.....

1. It's still new - You probably just said yes so it's still a bit early cause you yourself are just getting used to the idea of being in a relationship, talk more of sharing him with the whole wide world, so you'll probably just wait a little bit until the relationship is a bit more mature right? I think that makes sense.

2. You are not so sure about him yet - I mean, yes you guys are official now but you'd rather just keep it between the both of you until you're sure this is him, this is the one before you start telling everyone that this is bae because you might just be testing out the waters and want to see where it goes, what if something happens and things don't work out? Where do you start explaining from?

3. You're trying to avoid too many questions - Let's face it, people just like to know what's going on in other people's lives. Even if they're your closest friends and family, once they get to know you're more than just friends with someone, they wouldn't just stop there, they'll want to know more and you're not just ready for that, so you'd rather keep it on a low key.

4. You don't just want them to know who bae is - Can't a girl just low key live a quiet private life with bae without the whole world knowing about it.

5. You care about what people will say or think at least to an extent- As much as we like to say we don't care about what people say or think about us, it does actually get to us sometimes. And people these days have a lot to say about who you're dating and why they feel you're dating or who they feel you should or should not be dating. They just basically have a lot to say about a relationship they know nothing about.

6.  You don't want to loose him to other girls -  although I don't really agree with this but apparently, you don't want other girls to know who he is and try to slide into his DM when you're not looking or something like that.

7. So according to a friend who is a guy, he says some girls don't want to reveal who bae is because they're scared of another girl coming up and then they realise they were actually side chicks, lol.

Any hoo, what do you guys think? Which do you think is the most common reason? What was your reason? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I feel 2,5,6 and 7 are very common. Most girls feel like it's still a new relationship and the trust level is not even matured enough for the public. Some people are also just scared of the whole public qualms of public failed relationships. Nice post Bebe ����

    1. I totally agree with you. Thank you bebe ❤️


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