Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sneak Peek into Generis Magazine - Cyprus Online Fashion Catalog

Generis Fashion Magazine Cyprus
Credit: Generis Magazin

Been a minute! So if you love fashion, style, design, makeup, photography or you're just a social media addict like me and always want to see what's new online, then this is something for you. Sovereign models, the no. 1 modelling agency in Cyprus have spent days and nights working on their next big project which is said to be taking the world by storm. 

I met and talked one on one with the founder and he has very high hopes that there has never been anything like this on the island before. Generis simply means one of a kind and this one of a kind magazine/catalogue is featuring pieces, outfits, accessories from all the clothing labels and fashion designers in North Cyprus and the best models that this island has to offer both male and female. 

A few of the brands that you may know are Apolo et Roma which I've mentioned before on the blog, Mae's clothing (peep the image above) and lots more that you never knew. The magazine launches in a few hours so be on the look out for it, it's a completely free online magazine that you can click through to view and download for free and is compatible with all devices even your phone.It will launch on their site, and follow their Instagram HERE (@ sovmodels)

Credit: Generis Magazine

What do you love most when it comes to fashion magazines?? I personally love the pictures, they make me visualise myself also wearing the outfit, the makeup look or styling my hair like the model and I also love reading the prices of each piece the model is wearing which is why I can't wait to download mine. 

Knowing that North Cyprus is an international student environment, it's beyond impressive that students are stepping out and making a name for themselves even abroad. So it's important that we support them. 

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