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Beauty || How To Become A Pro At Drawing Fleeky Eyebrows

Hi guys, so if you clicked on this post. It probably just means that you're currently having eyebrow struggles, there's no shame in that, I've been there, we've all been there especially when you're just starting out with makeup.

draw fleeky eybrows
Credit @ Toni Olaoye 

And eyebrows are so so important which is why you have to get them right. They basically frame your face so if they're bad, the rest of your face is probably going to look bad but if they're good, then you know the drill.

So I'll leave some must haves and must do's when it comes to having fleeky eyebrows for you beginners and I'll leave some Youtube tutorials that are very very explanatory.

So to draw and have nicely shaped eyebrows that are well filled and has everyone complimenting and asking how you did it, keep reading. these are like the basics

1. Shape your natural eyebrows - Don't ever think you can fix eyebrows that are bushy, overgrown or just plain shapeless. They'd just look even more horrible when you to try to draw on them. So get your eyebrows shaped either with a razor, threading or tweezing and if you can't do it yourself, get someone who can to help or go to a salon.

2. Choose the right pencil colour - which is mostly different shades of brown but never black because, in reality, no one has black eyebrows.

3. Follow the natural outline & shape of your brows - this is why you need to have shaped brows in the first place. I see many girls trying to draw out a shape that isn't theirs maybe someone else's that they saw online but it doesn't quite match their own natural eyebrow or their own face shape which is why it doesn't come out nice, so stick to your eyebrow shape. You can't just make it look like someone else's.

4. It is mandatory that you conceal your eyebrows - Take an angled brush and concealer lighter than your skin tone to outline and define your eyebrows after you've filled them in. So many girls draw perfect eyebrows and the only reason their eyebrows don't really pop is because they didn't finish it up properly with concealer.

5. Practice, practice, practice - When I started drawing my eyebrows, they looked hideous, I'm not even going to lie. I would spend almost half an hour on just one eyebrow and still end up wiping it up out of frustration. But I kept on practising until I became better and better even though my friends would laugh at my brows sometimes.

6. Watch Tutorials or ask for help - If you know any girls in your school or anywhere who always have fleeky eyebrows, go up to them nicely and ask them to teach you.  Or they're lots and lots of video tutorials on youtube you can watch. Here's one by one of my faves Easy Eyebrow Tutorial and Quick & Easy Eyebrows.

I really hope these tips help you up your eyebrow game. Feel free to download the infographic below that has all these tips to your phone so you can check it whenever.

So a question for you: what is or what was the toughest part of drawing eyebrows for you? Let me know in the comments below. Mine was getting the arc right and knowing where to end the tail.

draw fleeky eyebrows

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