Monday, July 10, 2017

What's In My Beach Bag || Summer Beach Essentials

What's In My Beach Bag || Summer Beach Essentials

Hi guys! In this post, I'll be sharing what I packed when going to the beach i.e. my beach bag essentials for this summer season and what you can take with you as well if you don't know what and what not to take along with you. This is a flat lay from my last trip to the beach that I blogged about here.

1. A beach bag - You need a beach tote bag or else where are you going to put all the things you want to take with you. It helps you to carry all your stuff easily.

2. Sun hat - A sun hat like the one in the flat lay is both an accessory and a life saver because its perfect for shielding your face from the sun and just also adding style to your outfit, lol.

3. Flip Flops - You may not want to wear flip flops from the house until you get to the beach so you have to carry them along.

4. Bikini/Swimsuit - I personally prefer to wear my bikini underneath my clothes because it just saves the stress of having to go and change in the changing room when you get to the beach.

5. Swim suit cover up - A simple cover up like a lace sheer dress, a kimono or anything that you can wear over your swimsuit when you're not in the water.

6. Towel - You need a beach towel to dry your body and hair when wet and also you can spread it on top your beach bed as well.

7. Sunglasses - This is much needed. My sunglasses are either on my face or in my beach bag. The sun rays can be so harsh sometimes and you need to protect your eyes apart from the fact that they look cool.

8. Body lotion -  I always take lotion or Vaseline with me because after swimming, my skin is always dry, white and scaly and I wouldn't want to go home looking like that.I've been there, done that and even have a t-shirt.

9. Powder - I take some baby/talcum powder with me so I can rub on my face when I'm getting dressed to go, you don't have to take powder though, it's just my thing.

10. Wallet -Well, this isn't a beach essential per say but a general essential. My wallet has money and my keys and we need to pay to get into the beach, buy food and drinks too so.....

11. Charger - I took a charger along to the beach guys, I didn't even know what I was thinking. Where would I see a socket but I basically take my charger everywhere now so it was on impulse.

12. Sunscreen / sun protection - this is so important especially for those who have very sensitive skin and are prone to beach burns, I talked about this in  how to get your self ready for summer . It just helps you protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

13. Lipstick/lipgloss - You never know when you might need to touch up your face so always be ready.

14. Water bottle - I took my orange water bottle along cause I drink a lot of water these days and the color matched my beach bag so why not.

15. Lastly, I had a magazine I got from a store in case I need to relax under the umbrella, I can just go throw it. A nice romance novel will also be ideal or whatever kind of books you are into.

Something that's really vital that I always forget to take with me is fresh underwear. After swimming or playing in the water (which I do cause I can't swim to save my life but I now know how to float... 😂), everything on you will be soaking wet and so if you have extra dry underwear, you can easily change instead of going home wet.

So those are my summer beach essentials. Are there any extra things you take to the beach I didn't mention, comment them below. Please follow me on  INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || BLOGLOVIN and SUBSCRIBE to the blog if you haven't already (so you can receive updates before any one else). Thanks for reading, you are appreciated.

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