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How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro (Beginner Friendly)

 How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. So editing your pictures are not as difficult as they seem. I shared a post a few weeks ago about 4 Free Apps You Need To Download Now For Bomb Pictures, so I'm going to be using two of those apps to briefly explain how I do it.  For editing my selfies in particular, I use two apps Facetune2 and then finally VSCO cam, I don't use the Instagram editor after all these steps cause then it would just be too much. Before editing, you have to make sure you take a nice, clear picture. I'll be sharing a post later on how to take great pictures with your phone camera.

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro I uploaded his picture into the Facetune 2 app. First, you want to zoom into the face so you can see clearly what's going on. I use Facetune2 for editing my face mainly, smoothing and removing spots and all that and then VSCO for filters and adjustments mainly.

  • First thing I do is to go to the 'Retouch' tab and use  the 'whiten' tool to whiten my eyes and teeth and if I'm wearing a white top or standing in front of a white background, then I whiten it too. So I just go over it with my fingers. Not too much just lightly and you can increase or reduce the intensity from below and see the changes. 
  • I then use the 'smooth' tool to smoothen around my forehead, jaws, cheeks and chin area to make it look like I have clear skin.
  • I use the 'details'  tool to go over my lips, and eyebrows cause I want them to stand out and my lipstick to pop. 
  • I use 'glow' tool all over my skin, face and hands and reduce the intensity a lot, so it just makes me a little lighter.
  • I had a pimple around my chin, so I used the 'conceal' tool on it to cover it up. 
  • Because I have a very oily face, I use the 'matte' tool over my forehead and nose to reduce the oiliness and shine. 
You mustn't do these steps but I do it once in a while if I want to reshape or resize any part of my body although you have to be careful not to distort your face. So under 'tools' tab, under 'face', I used the jaw to reduce the size of my cheeks a bit and you can also increase or reduce your smile and face width. After all that, the picture looked like this.

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro
 Next still under 'tools', I used 'adjust' to increase brightness to 22 and contrast to 25 just because my Instagram pictures have to be really bright. You don't have to.

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro

I saved the picture to camera roll, and then uploaded it into VSCO cam, where I choose what filter to use. I mostly use M5 or F2. I used F2 in 5.9 for this photo


And the final image is this!

How To Edit Your Selfies Like a Pro

 It's really easy once you get a hang of it and you can just easily edit your photos on the go. What other apps do you use for editing your selfies? What do you think about Facetune2 and VSCO ? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for reading guys! Please follow me on  INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || BLOGLOVIN and SUBSCRIBE to the blog if you haven't already. Thanks for reading, you are appreciated.



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