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How To Respond To People's Constant Questioning After A Break Up

After a breakup

Welcome to my blog guys. I don't know about you but one of the things I dread about a relationship being over and having to move on with your life without that person is the questions, comments, remarks and I guess concerns of people around you. And these people and questions are in categories.

So you and bae have been loving up everywhere and even if you're really not a PDA, 'show off our love on social media', 'we go everywhere together kind of couple', (if you are that's okay too) and your relationship ends, people are going to be like 'really?' 'what happened?' 'so you guys broke up?' 'But why?' 'Nawao!(this is Nigerian pidgin for that's  unbelievable)'  'Are you serious?', 'So it's over?' and worse if you and your ex had a lot of mutual friends or probably study in the same school, attend the same church. Those kind of break ups are just the hardest because there are constant reminders everywhere. And if this is someone you were really serious with and had introduced to your family then you can expect another set of questions from them as well.

After a breakup

So how do you respond to these questions? First of all, it depends on whose asking. For example, you and I don't talk, I don't know you to the extent of discussing my private life with you and your asking me questions about my relationship just so you can get information or have a basis for future gossip or just feel like you have a right to know?, excuse you! Is it your business? How does my relationship ending over here affect you way over there? I'm not saying you should be harsh but if you're blunt like that, go girl, tell them like it actually is. If you're like me who cares about people's feelings, you can just politely tell them off like 'we just broke up for different reasons' or 'it's not a big deal, I'm over it' and just change the topic or leave the vicinity.

After a breakup

If it's your close friends and family and you feel the need to fill them in, then go ahead. For mutual friends it might be a bit difficult because these are people you and your bae both knew, used to hang out with so it'll be sort of hard for them to just accept that you guys are done done! So they might try to tease you about it. "oh.... you guys are just playing, you'll soon get back together" or they keep bringing him into the conversation and into your life or keep telling you about him or asking if you guys have talked. You just have to tell them that you guys are done for good and you'd appreciate it if they stopped making everything about the break up. Like can someone's relationship not end and rest in peace again?  When it becomes too much to take and really some friends are persistent and annoying like that, give them a stern warning or change your mood whenever they bring it up or better still avoid this mutual friends entirely until you're done healing, it's so much better that way.

After a breakup

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