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Skincare Tips & Tricks for Dealing With Dry Skin

How I Combat Dry Skin

This post is all about how I personally deal with having very dry skin. Not talking about my face because my face is just the oiliest ever but the skin on the rest of my body is very very dry and sometimes when I'm not careful it just looks dry, scaly with white patches almost like I didn't rub anything on it. So I consciously decided to take some steps to fight it and ensure my skin is always moisturized and hydrated. If you suffer from the same dry skin situation, I'm sure you can learn one or two things from this post that will be very helpful.

How I Combat Dry Skin

Bath with the right soap 

This has a lot to do with your location and climate. If you have dry skin, don't use a soap that will strip your body of the oil on it completely. I prefer bar soaps over shower gels, and so the bar soaps I was using at some point would always leave my skin completely dry and feeling like paper so I stopped and switched to shower gels because they still leave you feeling moisturized after a shower until I found a bar soap that works well for me and that's dove beauty cream bar, I've mentioned it severally in previous posts. ( Update: I haven't been using dove for a while now, I've been switching my body wash up every single time. Anyone that doesn't strip all the moisture but leaves my skin moisturised and hydrated after a shower)

How I Combat Dry Skin

Moisturize all the time 

 The only way to fight the dryness is with moisture so always always moisturize whether you are staying indoors or stepping out,  moisturize even at night when you want to sleep dab on some lotion or body oils.

How I Combat Dry Skin

Use a cream that specifically says "for very dry skin" 

Different creams have different moisture content. I am always trying to find a cream that is highly moisturizing. When you go shopping for a cream or lotion, look for the ones that say for dry skin specifically or 24h moisture, you get it?

Mix the cream with some baby oil 

Especially during the winter, I can shower and apply moisturizer and then during the day, my skin is looking dry and white like I didn't apply anything at all. One way I avoid this is 1) mixing the cream with some Vaseline before rubbing it into your skin or mixing it with baby oil to make it more greasy.

How I Combat Dry Skin

Cream after washing your hand 

Whenever you wash your hands, you wash away the moisture sort of and what you have applied on it and then our hands get exposed to air again and get dry, white and scaly all over again which is why you should always cream your hand whenever you wash it.

Have a lotion or oil handy in your handbag 

Always have a hand or travel lotion in your bag, it makes sure that whenever your skin feels dry or dehydrated, you can easily take it out and rub it on.

How I Combat Dry Skin

I hate the fact that I have very dry skin but tbh, there's not much I can do at this point, I can only understand the skin type I have and try all I can to make it work. What's your skin type and how do you cope with it? I really really want to know, share all your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for reading! Stay awesome!


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  1. Ha Ha. After reading the title of this post, I ready to be all "Pfft. I WISH I had dry skin" and then I realized you were referring to your body not your face.

    The rest of my body is normal but my face produces way too much oil. Enjoyed this post all the same


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