Friday, March 31, 2017

Study Hacks/Tips For Every Student 1

study hacks for every university student

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! So I have this study hack post for you guys. These are just a few things I have realized help me focus, study better and have produced results for me right from secondary school and I thought to share it with you guys just in case any one is having a difficult time assimilating whatever they are reading so here are the tips basically how to study effectively...

1. Don't study on your bed. Like if you really want to gain from whatever you are reading, no matter how tempting it may be, don't study on the bed. Even if you are not sleepy at the time, the softness of the mattress and the pillow will tempt you to want to lie down and then you feel like resting your back a little and before you know it, you have slept off. Studying on a chair and table is so much more productive.

2. If you have a headache take a 5 minutes nap. I used to do this a lot in high school especially when I was studying for my final SS3 exams. If you've been reading or doing homework or using your brain for anything over time, you are bound to get mentally tired. Like me, my head starts to ache. So what I do is, I close up everything and take a short nap. even 5 minutes can make you feel sooo refreshed and re-energized.

3. Study difficult stuff early in the morning especially calculations If there is a course or topic you find hard to understand when you study especially calculations or logical reasoning courses, try this. Wake up early in the morning when you brain and your mind is still fresh from sleep and study it and you will easily assimilate and retain more information.

4. Have a jotter to jot down important points as you study. While studying for a test or exam, have a jotter by your side where you put down the major points you come across. It will help you remember them more and you can easily go over your jottings when revising instead of going through the whole notebook or text book again.

study hacks for every university student

5. Try to focus on just one course at a time unless you are a super multitask-er which I am definitely not.

6. Form acronyms with the key points, or songs that you can easily remember during exams. For example, in secondary school, we had this acronym MR NIGER DAC which stands for the characteristics of living things in biology - Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, growth, excretion, reproduction, adaptability & competition and in my life, I know I will never forget it.

7. After memorizing formulas, try writing them down from your head on your jotter to see if you really know them. If you don't, memorize them again until you do.

study hacks for every university student

8. While studying for long periods like Till Day Break (TDB), give yourself short breaks in between to rest your brain, go through your social media, listen to music, take a nap, watch a video, take a walk. Whatever you do, just give yourself a break. 'Don't come and go and kill yourself'.

So these are the tips I have for now. As I continue to study and discover some more, will share them with you guys. Please let me know which ones you try and which ones you have tried.  Also any additional tips you have, leave in the comments below, I know I have smart readers on here. As always, thank you for reading. Stay awesome! Please connect with me! SUBSCRIBE || INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER


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