Monday, March 06, 2017

How Relaxer Burnt The Hair Off My Scalp + How To Treat Relaxer Burns

So recently, I took my weave out and decided to relax my hair, so it can be all soft and smooth and my edges could be laid and stuff. Little, did I know that my edges would be truly laid and by laid, I mean burnt and gone. 

How did my hair burn?
The relaxer I used is the Profective relaxer that comes in a sachet. It has the activator and relaxer separately and you have to mix both together but this was not my first time of using this relaxer on my hair. I mixed it following the instructions and my friend who was doing the application for me divided my hair into sections like normal and started applying the relaxer to my hair, touching my roots and scalp and massaging it in.  I know you are supposed to apply vaseline around the edges and tips of the ears before you begin the application but since she didn't have any vaseline at home, we just made do with her coconut oil. Because I went over to her house to do the relaxing, I just assumed she had shampoo and conditioner that I could use but turned out she didn't, her housemates also didn't and it was late at night. The only other washing options were her chocolatey shower gel and laundry detergent, I'm telling you. During this whole time of us trying to get what to use in washing off the relaxer, my scalp was on fire and itching me seriously but I felt it was nothing big, it's just the normal relaxer reaction and we were told to persevere such type of pain so your hair can look all nice, it simply shows the relaxer is working right? So I was sucking it all in and enduring. How we eventually got a shampoo and conditioner to use that night is a long, interesting story for another post but we did. My edges during and after washing felt a bit on fire but I just felt it was all normal. The next morning, I woke up and the left and right corners of my scalp are whitish, dry and the hairs have stuck to the scalp like fire legit burnt them and it felt like a wound.

What did I use to treat it?
I thought my hair would return back to normal but after a few days, it was still the same. I guess these burns were so severe. It felt and looked severe anyway. My friend, Peju suggested that I use shea butter generously on the burnt areas if I didn't want to completely loose my hair. So I virtually soaked my scalp in shea butter that night, I put a lot of it and massaged it in and gradually, my hair and scalp were restored. 

How To Treat Relaxer Burns
  • Shea Butter (aka Ori) - this is what I used and it was like magic after using vaseline, coconut oil and soulmate hair cream over and over without any results. Shea butter brought my scalp back to life. I got my shea butter from Kadee's shea butter. You can order from amazon here.
image of Shea Butter To Treat Relaxer Burns
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I hope this post is useful and helpful to you. Haven't been burnt yet? Check out for my how to prevent relaxer from actually burning your hair post. So it's your turn, has relaxer burnt your scalp before? What do you think caused it and how did you treat it? I appreciate your comments and would love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts down below. Thank you so much for reading! Stay awesome!



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