Thursday, March 09, 2017

How To Prevent Relaxer From Burning Your Hair

How To Prevent Relaxer From Burning Your Hair

Apart from my natural sisters who are happily living the fro life, the rest of us just want soft, smooth, silky hair and tamed edges and relaxer comes to our rescue every time. But we all know that these relaxers contain harsh chemicals which can also BURN our hair if care isn't taken. So the first way of preventing relaxer from burning your hair is simple, don't use it! But if you still have to here are some ways you can avoid having relaxer burns on your scalp

  • Apply a base cream like vaseline to your hairline to reduce any sensitivity to the chemicals in the relaxer. 

  •  Never wash your hair few days before relaxing it. When it's dirty, it is less likely to itch so much and possibly burn. A hairstylist told me this years ago.

  • Avoid scratching your scalp vigorously to relieve an itch before applying relaxer on your hair. You can just lightly "tap your weave ladies" as advised by Queen Bey herself. 

  • Avoid leaving the relaxer on your hair for too long like I did in my post about How Relaxer Burnt The Hair Off My Scalp

  • Wash off the relaxer from your hair properly about 3 or more times with shampoo. 

  • While the relaxer is still sitting on your hair, spray some water on any part of your scalp that starts to burn you, the burning sensation normally disappears with water. 

  • Go for mild relaxers if your hair is very sensitive and if you want to completely avoid burns. My first time perming my hair when I was like 8 years old, I used Gentle Touch, it's pretty mild. Once I tried Venus relaxer and it was really harsh on me right from the beginning of the application and some parts of my scalps burnt. 

If your hair has already been burnt, read How Relaxer Burnt The Hair Off My Scalp + How I Treated It. What other tips do you have to prevent relaxer burns? Please share all in the comments section below, let's help each others scalps. Subscribe and follow the blog please if you haven't yet. Thank you so much for reading, Stay awesome!


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