Friday, February 10, 2017

How to dress with "a touch of red" (15 Ideas)

In this season of love and valentine parties and events, there's bound to be an event that says come dressed with a touch of red. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to rack your brain to come up with just the right outfit and right amount of red in the right places. So where or what exactly can you touch with the colour of love in your entire ensemble, clothes or accessories?

1. A red bag, purse or clutch - wear whatever you want to and add on a red bag, purse or clutch to your look.

2. A red hairpiece - add red on your hair with a hair piece like a ribbon, a hair band, hair pin or nice comb in the colour red. 

3. Red earrings - be it hoops, chandelier earrings or studs, a nice red pair of earrings that go well with your outfit is a great idea. 

4. Red neck piece - add the bit of red to your neckline with a red statement neckpiece, a simple chain or even a red choker. 

5. Red Lips - I'm sure you already knew this would be on the list, what else screams valentine ready than some killer bright red lips especially if you're going out at night. 

6. Red eyelids - a friend of mine gave me this inspiration recently where she had red glitter all over her eyelids, it looked really unique and attention drawing, you should try it. 

7. A red scarf  - this works in more than one way, you can wrap it around your neck, use it on your hair as a head wrap or wrap it nicely around the handle of your handbag as a handbag accessory. 

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8. A red bracelet or wristwatch - add a touch of red to your wrists with a red bracelet or a wristwatch that has red straps.

9. Red hat - Baseball hats are trending right now so a nice red baseball hat would be nice and you can take a cue from Beyonce and wear it the unconventional way with something dressy. They are several other hat options though, just have fun.

10. Red nails - let the touch of red come from your nice, red, valentine manicured nails. See some ideas here

11. Red shoes - well duuuhhhh!!..... everyone knows this. You can never go wrong with just putting on red shoes and being on your way. 

12. Sunglasses with red rims are cool too. You don't have to wear them on your actual face especially if it's not sunny or you're just going to be indoors, wearing sunglasses would just be off. You can use it as an accessory on your hair, just there sitting pretty. 

13. Red clothes obviously but I'll still add it, a complete red dress, red bottoms with another colour, red top with and any other colour of bottoms or a red jacket of something. 

14. Red details on your clothes - For example, a black dress with red flowers details or red prints on it. The touch of red still comes from the same outfit. So red prints, red stripes, red flowers, red lace, etc.

15. Belts - cinch your waist with a red belly belt or wear a red waist belt over your jeans. 

So now you can go through your wardrobe, see what you have and slay with it. If this post was helpful, please share it with your friends. I'm sure you have other ideas as well. How would you add a bit of red to your outfit? Or how have you done so in the past? Please share all your thoughts even the weirdest and most unconventional ways, I can't wait to learn from you. Thanks for reading and stay awesome!

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  1. Aww Danie love! Thanks for the shoutout. Oh, and i think I just might go for the red eyelid look this weekend, let's see how that goes

    1. Hey Lola, you're welcome hun, I think it will really look good on you! Try it and let me know ok? xx


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