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How To Always Look Good and Put Together

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I'm sure you know a few people who always look so good and it seems as if it's effortless like they woke up like that! With their hair always looking nice, super trendy outfits, flawless makeup, everything on fleek and they always move around in style like they don't have any problems in life as far as their appearance is concerned. Well, you're in luck cause here are 9 ways that you also can join the put together club and make sure you look as put together as you possibly can.

1. Only wear clean & laundered clothes
Never wear dirty clothes even if it's just a little stain or spill. Your clothes should look and smell clean. Never wear anything that has a hole or cut in it unless it's a distressed item. Your clothes should be nicely ironed and rumple-free for a neat and put together look.

2. Your hair should be 100
Once you have perfect nicely laid and neat hair, you are already on your way to looking put together. Always keep your hair tidy. Drawing your hair back into a low ponytail is also very classic.

3. Your nails
When you have dirt underneath your nails, discoloured nails or chipped nail polish, you automatically look shabby and unkempt.

4. Nice pair of shoes
A nice pair of shoes always completes any outfit. Invest in good quality shoes that fit properly. Match them well with your outfits and you will always look good.

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5. Properly blended makeup
 Your makeup should always be fit for the occasion and should be properly blended. When your eyeshadow is not blended properly, your foundation is completely and obviously different from your skin tone or your eyeliner and lipstick has smudged all over your face, it affects the whole put together look you are aiming for.

6. Smell Good
 Find and use a perfume that suits you and your environment. Someone with a nice unique scent always appears put together.

7. Only wear clothes that fit you
Go through your wardrobe and get rid of those jeans that are so tight you can hardly breathe, squeezes you in and makes you walk funny, that shirt that you can hardly button completely, anything that just does not fit you anymore. Being put together equals looking and feeling good. Same applies to your shoes. Don't force your feet into undersized shoes and don't wear shoes that are obviously longer than your feet just because you feel you have to.

8. Bold red lips
Bold red lips with natural makeup make you look classy, in control and put together even without you trying too much.

9. Attitude and carriage
 People who always look put together have a put together attitude and mindset. Carry yourself with confidence. Don't drag your feet. Don't be slouchy or clumsily either. Have a good sitting, walking and standing posture. Talk like you are put together, move like you are put together, do stuff like you are put together.

So those are my tips. I would love to hear from you. What other tips do you have so a person can look put together from head to toe? Thanks for reading. Stay awesome!



  1. It's so funny how I was late for work today because I was rushing per usual. The only thing making me look put togetheris having my braids neatly packed to the back, with some lip gloss and hoop earrings on.

  2. hey lola, I know the struggle of always running late, lol. You're right, packing your hair nicely, some gloss and accesories like earings do make you look put together. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice post Daniella. There are bad hair days tho..except u make do with scarf but wot if ur job doesn't permit? Spot on tips generally. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by! You can have bad hair days that's so true but a scarf, a hat or a wig can come in handy on such days especially if your job doesn't permit head wraps like you said. I think wigs are taking over, lol.


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