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How to dress with "a touch of red" (15 Ideas)

In this season of love and valentine parties and events, there's bound to be an event that says come dressed with a touch of red. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to rack your brain to come up with just the right outfit and right amount of red in the right places. So where or what exactly can you touch with the colour of love in your entire ensemble, clothes or accessories?

1. A red bag, purse or clutch - wear whatever you want to and add on a red bag, purse or clutch to your look.

2. A red hairpiece - add red on your hair with a hair piece like a ribbon, a hair band, hair pin or nice comb in the colour red. 

3. Red earrings - be it hoops, chandelier earrings or studs, a nice red pair of earrings that go well with your outfit is a great idea. 

4. Red neck piece - add the bit of red to your neckline with a red statement neckpiece, a simple chain or even a red choker. 

5. Red Lips - I'm sure you already knew this would be on the list, what else screams valentine ready than some killer bright red lips especially if you're going out at night. 

6. Red eyelids - a friend of mine gave me this inspiration recently where she had red glitter all over her eyelids, it looked really unique and attention drawing, you should try it. 

7. A red scarf  - this works in more than one way, you can wrap it around your neck, use it on your hair as a head wrap or wrap it nicely around the handle of your handbag as a handbag accessory. 

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8. A red bracelet or wristwatch - add a touch of red to your wrists with a red bracelet or a wristwatch that has red straps.

9. Red hat - Baseball hats are trending right now so a nice red baseball hat would be nice and you can take a cue from Beyonce and wear it the unconventional way with something dressy. They are several other hat options though, just have fun.

10. Red nails - let the touch of red come from your nice, red, valentine manicured nails. See some ideas here

11. Red shoes - well duuuhhhh!!..... everyone knows this. You can never go wrong with just putting on red shoes and being on your way. 

12. Sunglasses with red rims are cool too. You don't have to wear them on your actual face especially if it's not sunny or you're just going to be indoors, wearing sunglasses would just be off. You can use it as an accessory on your hair, just there sitting pretty. 

13. Red clothes obviously but I'll still add it, a complete red dress, red bottoms with another colour, red top with and any other colour of bottoms or a red jacket of something. 

14. Red details on your clothes - For example, a black dress with red flowers details or red prints on it. The touch of red still comes from the same outfit. So red prints, red stripes, red flowers, red lace, etc.

15. Belts - cinch your waist with a red belly belt or wear a red waist belt over your jeans. 

So now you can go through your wardrobe, see what you have and slay with it. If this post was helpful, please share it with your friends. I'm sure you have other ideas as well. How would you add a bit of red to your outfit? Or how have you done so in the past? Please share all your thoughts even the weirdest and most unconventional ways, I can't wait to learn from you. Thanks for reading and stay awesome!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

How To Always Look Good and Put Together

image of How To Always Look Good And Put Together
Credit @Vanessajsimmons

I'm sure you know a few people who always look so good and it seems as if it's effortless like they woke up like that! With their hair always looking nice, super trendy outfits, flawless makeup, everything on fleek and they always move around in style like they don't have any problems in life as far as their appearance is concerned. Well, you're in luck cause here are 9 ways that you also can join the put together club and make sure you look as put together as you possibly can.

1. Only wear clean & laundered clothes
Never wear dirty clothes even if it's just a little stain or spill. Your clothes should look and smell clean. Never wear anything that has a hole or cut in it unless it's a distressed item. Your clothes should be nicely ironed and rumple-free for a neat and put together look.

2. Your hair should be 100
Once you have perfect nicely laid and neat hair, you are already on your way to looking put together. Always keep your hair tidy. Drawing your hair back into a low ponytail is also very classic.

3. Your nails
When you have dirt underneath your nails, discoloured nails or chipped nail polish, you automatically look shabby and unkempt.

4. Nice pair of shoes
A nice pair of shoes always completes any outfit. Invest in good quality shoes that fit properly. Match them well with your outfits and you will always look good.

image of How To Always Look Good And Put Together
Credit @kefilwemabote

5. Properly blended makeup
 Your makeup should always be fit for the occasion and should be properly blended. When your eyeshadow is not blended properly, your foundation is completely and obviously different from your skin tone or your eyeliner and lipstick has smudged all over your face, it affects the whole put together look you are aiming for.

6. Smell Good
 Find and use a perfume that suits you and your environment. Someone with a nice unique scent always appears put together.

7. Only wear clothes that fit you
Go through your wardrobe and get rid of those jeans that are so tight you can hardly breathe, squeezes you in and makes you walk funny, that shirt that you can hardly button completely, anything that just does not fit you anymore. Being put together equals looking and feeling good. Same applies to your shoes. Don't force your feet into undersized shoes and don't wear shoes that are obviously longer than your feet just because you feel you have to.

8. Bold red lips
Bold red lips with natural makeup make you look classy, in control and put together even without you trying too much.

9. Attitude and carriage
 People who always look put together have a put together attitude and mindset. Carry yourself with confidence. Don't drag your feet. Don't be slouchy or clumsily either. Have a good sitting, walking and standing posture. Talk like you are put together, move like you are put together, do stuff like you are put together.

So those are my tips. I would love to hear from you. What other tips do you have so a person can look put together from head to toe? Thanks for reading. Stay awesome!


Saturday, February 04, 2017

What To Wear For 10 Different Dates, Valentine's Edit Featuring

image of What To Wear For 10 Different Dates, Valentine's edit


Happy Valentines!

If you're reading this, it just means that you have a date, hmnnn *winks* in a couple of weeks or days, hours, minutes, seconds.... and you have no idea what to wear so you're just out here on the web looking for some inspiration. I've been in your shoes as well which is probably why I decided to come up with this post just to ease your stress! So this valentine-inspired post is in collaboration with another blogger, Grace of Be sure to check out her blog and her post on How To Celebrate Valentine As A Single Girl, I'm sure you'll love it. So because Valentine is a season of celebrating love in special ways that involve going out on dates, here are some date outfit ideas because let's face it, not everyone is a fashion and style natural, we all need a little bit of help sometimes especially when you're going out with that special someone, you definitely want to look your best, feel your best and be your best. 

1. Movies Date - You want to go for something that's rather simple and relaxed. Nothing too extra or showy. You can go with a pair of jeans trousers or shorts, a simple dress, throw on a leather jacket maybe. And on your feet, you can go with flats like pumps, sneakers or sandals. If you're a heels girl, go with some high heeled sandals, high heeled pumps or covered shoes would just make you look too serious for the movies. 

2. Fancy Date - If bae is taking you or you are taking bae to a very formal, black tie kind of event like a formal dinner or a cocktail, you know what I mean, there's much more involved. You need to go with a maxi dress, high heels definitely, a nice clutch bag and statement jewellery. 

3. Casual Lunch - For a casual lunch that's just the both of you, I would suggest jeans and a nice blouse or with a camisole and a kimono jacket. And then for shoes, you can just wear what feels appropriate, flats, heels, sneakers would all be nice. Another option would be a romper, it's simple and sexy without saying too much. 

4. Dinner - If you're heading to a restaurant for dinner at night, the lunch idea is appropriate but if you want to dress up a bit, you can wear a midi dress or a 2-piece coordinate outfit with heels. Or you can go with trousers and a dressy blouse. But complete with the look with some gorgeous dangling earrings or a statement neck piece to draw some attention to your beautiful face.

5.Night out - For a night out, most people like to show some skin so a mini skirt, mini dress, bum shorts. With a crop top, bralette, cold shoulder outfits. You can go for something with sequins that will glow in the dark and you need to accessorise with jewellery as well but notj=hing to crazy so you're free to dance and party. 

6. Beach Day - For a romantic walk on the beach in the red-orange-ish light of the sunset with your fingers entwined in his, you still need to look fine so go for a short flowy dress, or shorts and a crop top with a kimono or a loose bohemian maxi dress.

7. Concert - You can actually be as versatile as you like with this one, almost anything goes. Skinny jeans, leggings, crop top, tank top or loose t-shirt with a leather jacket or denim jacket, jumpsuit, overalls or rompers, flats or heels but you may want to tone down the accessories and jewellery, Stud earrings and a simple necklace or a choker would be ideal.

8. Meeting the parents - Well, here you would want to cover up, we all know why, lol. A maxi "take home to mama"dress maybe with flowers not revealing at all. Or a simple midi bodycon dress, any dress or skirt must be below your knee. Otherwise some high waist palazzo trousers with a fitted top plus some light makeup and minimal jewellery. 

9. Sports date - If you're going to watch a match or a game, go with jeans/shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. It seems weird wearing heels to a game but Beyonce does. If you have a jersey of whichever team you're supporting, feel free to wear it and you can as well accessorise with a baseball hat of your team or bae's team. 

10. At the park - It could be an amusement park like a carnival or funfair or a picnic kind of date, feel free and comfy so you can easily move around. Wear comfortable shoes preferably flats or sneakers and if you insist on heels, go with a wedge that's more balanced. 

Red and pink are the colours of Val so you might want to include a touch of red or pink if it's a valentine-themed date. I've included some of my picks from the site below, just click on any picture and it takes you directly to the store, they offer free worldwide standard shipping and their prices are really friendly. Use coupon code LOVE12 at checkout for some $$ off.



Now it's your turn, do you agree with these date outfit ideas or nah? What are you doing this Valentine? Leave me your thoughts! Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! 

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

8 Ways To Rock The Fishnet Fashion Trend Like A Fahionista

Fishnet trend with crop top
Credit @dirtylittlestylewhoree 

Fishnet stockings have been around for a really long time. They have a sexy fierce and wild vibe about them. This is just one of those comeback trends that are all over Instagram and Pinterest right now and if you want to slay this trend, here are 8 ways you can incorporate the fishnet stockings into your outfit. 

1. Show a peek of the fishnet stockings with your shoes. So here what you do is you wear the fishnet stockings underneath your full outfit and when you wear your shoes, the fishnet can be seen on the other parts of your feet that are exposed like so

Fishnet trend with shoes
Credit @styleexchangecharleston 

image of Fishnet stockings trend from pointed pumps
Credit @fancychairinsta 

2. Wear it underneath your distressed jeans. This is one of the most popular versions of this trend. You are showing a peek of your fishnet from the rips and seams of your distressed jeans for a sassy bad girl "look what's under my jeans" effect. 

image of Fishnet stockings underneath ripped/distressed jeans
Credit @my_black_skirt 

image of Fishnet stockings underneath ripped/distressed jeans
Credit @wixaa

image of Fishnet stockings underneath ripped/distressed jeans
Credit @theendboutiqueruislip

3. As a pantyhose underneath a short dress, skirt or shorts. show off your legs covered in fishnet detailing by wearing your fishnet tights underneath a short dress or skirt like so

image of Fishnet stockings as pantyhose, tight
Credit @dressedinlucy

image of Fishnet stockings as pantyhose, tight
Credit @hanseriksyversen

image of Fishnet stockings as pantyhose, tight
Credit @taliacupcake

 4. Wear a crop top and expose the band of the stockings. This style just screams "I'm sexy and I know it and I want you to see it". The band helps to cinch your waist and create the illusion of hips even if you don't have any.  And going with a crop top is the only way to show off the band, that flat tummy, and that waist. 

image of Crop top and fishnet stockings
Credit @mayasaya10

image of Crop top and fishnet stockings
Credit @_junk_love

image of Crop top and fishnet stockings
Credit @kpaluch1

5. As socks with your shoes. You can find and wear fishnet socks not stockings or tights but the socks solely with your shoes. Reminds me of my primary school days when I use to have this net socks as well called computer socks I wore with my shoes and sneakers to school. You can get a fishnet pop socks as well which goes higher up.

image of fishnet socks in shoe
Credit @Google search

image of fishnet socks in shoe

image of fishnet socks in shoe
Credit @Nordstrom

6.  Fishnet tops. You can wear a fishnet blouse over a t-shirt, camisole, tank top or bralette.

image of Fishnet top, blouse
Credit @Pinterest

7. Fishnet chokers. I never knew anything like this existed but the internet exposes us to a lot of things doesn't it. Fishnet chokers are the way forward as well for the minimal girl who wants to rock the fishnet trend low key.  

image of Fishnet chokers

image of Fishnet chokers

8. As pop socks with a mini skirt. Thigh high socks maybe "schoolgirl - ish" but thigh high fishnet socks are the exact opposite. 

 image of Fishnet thigh high stockings


Your turn: What do you think of this trend? Would you rock it? How would you rock yours? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading. Stay awesome!

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