Saturday, December 31, 2016

Apolo Et Roma - Stylish Hoodies & Sweatshirts + Giveaway (Closed)

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Hi and welcome to my blog, hope you're good. This post is brought to you by APOLO ET ROMA, a top clothing line brand in North Cyprus right now actually one of the hottest at the moment. Thanks to them for sponsoring this post. Good news! There will be a giveaway that I'm going to announce as well so make sure you read through till the end of this post. 

The temperatures are chilled right now and everyone wants to stay warm but you don't have to wear those dull boring sweaters and jumpers all the time. Apolo Et Roma gives you the option of staying warm but still fresh and fly with their range of sweatshirts and hoodies that come in all sizes and almost any colour you can think off. Red, white, black, pink, yellow, orange, blue, olive, navy, you naaaaaaamme it!!!!

Oh, Hello me in yellow Apolo Et Roma Hoodie. 

Apart from the fact that the designs are minimal and on point, the fabric is equally comfortable and top quality. And they have something for everyone including children as the sizes go from XXS to XXXXL. This could also be the gift idea you have been thinking of for someone this holiday season.

If you're anywhere in North Cyprus, they offer free delivery and they are really affordable too. The hoodies (the ones with the hood) go for 70 Turkish Lira and the sweatshirts (without the hood) are 60 Turkish Lira. Place your orders by inboxing their Facebook page APOLO ET ROMA HERE or call/Whatsapp +905428761863. They have an awesome customer service and packaging.

Me again in Olive Apolo Et Roma sweatshirt

That's not all, the guys at Apolo Et Roma were generous enough to give one of my amazing readers any hoodie or sweatshirt in any size or colour of their choice. So you stand a chance of winning one of these. The giveaway will run on Facebook so you have to have a Facebook account. To enter this giveaway, these are the rules:

1. You must be subscribed via your email to my blog
2. You must have liked my Facebook page - Dateswithdanie HERE
3. You must have liked the company's Facebook page - APOLO ET ROMA HERE
4. Tag two friends under the giveaway photo either on my page or on Apolo Et Roma's page.
5. Share this giveaway photo on Facebook.
6. Comment DONE under this blog post.

And that's it! You have to follow these 6 simple and easy rules to qualify. The names of those who entered will be compiled and a winner will be chosen with a random name picker after a week and I will announce it here and on Facebook as well a week from now. You must be in North Cyprus however to participate in this giveaway. Goodluck guys! Thanks to APOLO ET ROMA again for sponsoring this post. And thank you for reading! Until the next post, hugs !

Update !! The giveaway is closed and the winner has been announced. Congratulations to Faith Komolafe and huge thanks to every single person that entered. There will be more giveaways in future so stay tuned guys.

P.S. If you are a brand or a business and you want me to collaborate with you, see my contact page HERE, I can not wait to work with you.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

How To Transform From Basic To Baddie WIth Short Scanty Natural Hair

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Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. How are you all doing. If it's your first time here, you're most welcome. I hope you love what you see and you stick around. I was inspired to do this post for any other girl out there like me who has low density aka scanty, weight less short hair that can't be styled and packed in different ways to look good and finds herself without her hair made on a special day such as Christmas and you don't feel like throwing on a wig. This is just a guide on how you can work with what you have and still slay. Hope you guys like it as I don't want to restrict myself on the kind of posts I put up anymore. If you would like more of these kind of posts, leave a comment down below. Don't forget to  subscribe with your email, it's absolutely free and easy. 

So the first thing you want to do is
1. Prep your hair - By natural hair, I don't mean virgin non-relaxed hair. I mean hair that isn't made so I believe your hair is already washed and clean. So it doesn't look dry, oil it and comb it.
2. Pack it into a bun - I love pony tails but my hair isn't long enough for that so what I do is to sling it all back into a tight bun like this. It just looks neater and classic than having it just pushed to the back freely.
3. Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek - Fill in your brows even if you're not doing any face makeup, Filled in brows just gives you a different look that's almost as if your whole face is made up when it's actually not. It just makes your face not look so bare anymore. 
4. Line Your waterline - Lining especially under your eyes is a sure way to make them pop. I lined my eyes with this random black gel pencil liner and drew on some wings as well, you don't have to. But lining your eyes is one step to not looking basic.

5. Bold lips - Your hair is bare so you need something to draw some attention to your face hence bold lips. I have on this matte lipstick from my local pharmacy in a reddish burgundy - ish shade and dark brown lip liner.
6. Earrings - My aunty told me a long time ago that I should always put on earrings because they frame your face. I love to wear studs so much but when you're trying to look extra without your hair made, you should ditch studs and go for something more show stopping. I suggest big hoops or long dangling earrings that will frame your face and add some depth. 
7. Neck accessories -  a simple necklace, neck charm, choker goes a long way to spice things up. I had on this DIY Ankara choker I made within seconds from the head tie of my dress, I'll make a post on that choker and leave here. 
8. Have Some  Baddie Confidence - I do this thing where sometimes if I'm not feeling confident especially about how I look. I ask myself, how would Beyonce walk in? How would she talk if she were here with her hair looking glam or not and I just get confident and own my natural short scanty hair after all, it is mine anyway, I didn't borrow or buy it. 

So that's all for this guide. Just in case you were wondering, I don't have any foundation, concealer or powder on. I will show you guys my this Ankara dress and others in my Ankara collection post that I'll link here once it's up so look out for that. Hope this helps and inspires someone out there. Please leave me your thoughts in the comments below, would love to hear what you think. What other ways can a girl look like a baddie without her hair made up? Thank you for reading, until the next post, hugs!!

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