Friday, August 19, 2016


So last week, I finally braced myself and shut the scared and timid part of me and volunteered as a member of the computer science club to host the conference. You know when they say instead of  over thinking and over analysing a decision you want to take, you should just do first and think later. That's basically what I did and knowing who I am, I can't turn back when I have committed to something, I want people to be able to count on me.

 Long story short, I did it and being my first, I wasn't too hard on my self for the things I did not do perfectly, I just went with the flow, did my best and have learnt from my mistakes. There is always a first time and will always be a next time to do it better. I also got the opportunity of meeting some successful people who were keynote speakers at the event and networking with them which was very exciting, I will definitely love to do it again. So some of the things I want to share from my experience

  • Have a staple official blazer in an official colour in your wardrobe, you never know when you may need it .
  • When you are given a program, use it through out. Do not think you have memorised it and when you get on stage, you get tensed and forget what is next on the list. 
  • Ask as many questions to the organiser as you need to be clear and confident and comfortable to do what you need to do.
  • Be yourself ! every presenter has a unique style of doing things, don't try to copy someone else's way of doing things. Find and do what works for you. Don't try to crack jokes or be authoritative if it's not your thing. Be original. 
  • If you have a desire to do something and you get the opportunity to, never let fear of failure prevent you from doing it because that chance might never come again. 
  • Every body won't like what you did, but some will. Receive and appreciate the compliments and take the criticism as well, it gives you insight into what you should work on. 
  • Public speaking is becoming one of my recent loves and interests. 

Have you spoken in front of a large crowd? How did you feel the first time? Do you have any tips or experiences to share? How do you overcome shyness? Please leave your comments in the comment section below.  Now unto some big news, PATRAL - a non-profit organisation aimed at moving you, yes YOU from where YOU are right now to where YOU ought to be is calling on anyone and everyone who has a voice and is confident enough to let their voice be heard across the globe to participate in the PROJECT iSPEAK & iINSPIRE. So if you are anywhere in the region of North Cyprus, this is an amazing platform for you to exercise your skills and get propelled to the next stage. All details of the contest are shown below including the prizes to be won and benefits including a one year speaking and premium publicity contract. What are you waiting for? Head over to their website to register now before 30th August 2016 and their Facebook Page for any further enquiries. 

Don't let the fear of failure or uncertainty stop you from taking this chance, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. What's stopping you? Look at the best case scenario, you win 1000TL and become a badass award-winning public speaker. Just never underestimate your self!  Thanks for reading. Hugs! 



  1. At last, you are truly pulling off that shy act.I always believe YOU CAN, you can only get BETTER.


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