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Girls Chat Series 1: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your First Period

Hello there, welcome to another blog post, I hope you are doing great. I am so excited to be kicking off this series as you can see from the title above with my friend and blogger Mide of . I just feel as a growing girl or an evolving young lady, it's important to have access to information and have a place to share your concerns and have things cleared out for you and also to know that someone else is going through whatever it is you are going through or has been there and done that. Together we will be putting up posts that concern the female folk and talking about issues that all ladies whether old or young can relate to: topics that cover beauty, femininity, relationships, friendships, dating, health, hygiene, name it! If you have any questions or issues you would like to see talked about during this series, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send your questions to me via email (check the contact section of the blog) or my twitter or Instagram (see the social media icons for a direct link). I would be thrilled to receive your questions for a Q&A kind of post. So onto today's post

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  • DEVELOPING BREASTS: You should expect your period about two years after your breasts start developing. My breast started out when I was 9/10 and I had my period at age 12. Bear in mind however that it's different for every girl and yours might come earlier or later.
  •  GROWING PUBIC HAIR: You start your period about 1 or 2 years after you start growing hair in your vaginal area and armpits. 
  • VAGINAL DISCHARGE: Discharge is the yellow/whitish stuff that comes out from your vagina and you may see on your underwear. If you start seeing this, it means your period is a few months away.

  • THE ANXIETY IS NORMAL : Every girl is anxious to grow up and begin menstruating, I was too especially if all your friends have started theirs. But you need to calm down and understand that your period will come when you least expect. And also the timing is different for every girl. For some girls, it's as early as 8 or 9 and for some others it comes later at age 16. If your period doesn't come after age 16, it's advisable you go to a doctor to check you up
  • PADS & TAMPONS : You can't just go around with blood flowing out of you, you need something to collect and lock it in. A pad is a kind of baby diaper, it is flat rectangular and sticks to your underwear. I use the ones that come with wings to hold the pad in place and prevent side leakages and the thin ones known as Ultras. I recommend ultras, they are secure and comfy.

    According to your flow which could be light, normal or heavy, there are different types of pads. For your first period wish is usually not heavy, a normal pad is okay. Night pads are also good for sleeping at night. I personally use night pads all day long because of the longer length and my heavy flow. Surprisingly, I have never used a tampon before in my 7 years of "menstruationhood" like ever but I have read that you should have your period up to 5 times before you start using a tampon.

A tampon is an absorbent material that is shaped like a test tube that works from inside your vagina. You insert it in by using your fingers or an applicator, when it comes in contact with liquid it opens up like a flower to collect the blood. Tampons are worn together with panty liner. Tampons are better for exercising, sports or going swimming.  You can buy pads from the mall, supermarket, pharmacy or chemist. There are different brands available, sizes and types.  

  • HOW LONG DO YOU WEAR A PAD? The length you can wear a pad depends on how heavy your flow is but to prevent odour from a bacteria that grows inside the menstrual blood, you should change your pad every 3-4 hours. When your pad is becoming full, you will know because it doesn't feel thin, dry or comfy anymore, it feels heavy and wet which brings me to the next point.
  • CARRY A PAD WHEREVER YOU GO: Always have a pad in your locker, your purse, your school bag, your handbag at all times because your period can show up anytime, anywhere, any place. It just doesn't care!
  • WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET YOUR PERIOD UNEXPECTEDLY: If you are at home, go to your mum, your older sister or an an older female family member and ask for a pad. If you are at school, ask your friend or an older school mate or simply go to the school nurse. They always have pads in the school clinic. If you don't have a pad and you have started you period, you can fold rolls of toilet paper unto your panties as a temporary solution until you get a pad. If you are already stained at school, cover the stain with a sweater or head wrap or bag until you can go to the bathroom and clean up. 
  • AN EMERGENCY PERIOD KIT: this is a small purse that contains supplies you will need when your period starts, You can purchase the kit as a whole or can make one for yourself. 

  1. Get a small bag with a zipper like a makeup bag
  2. Put in some panty liner, some regular pads and some heavy pads just in case the flow changes up
  3. Put in some clean underwear
  4. Disposable bags to pop in your used products
  5. Pain relievers
  6. Body spray
  7. Body wipes/tissue

  • Remember to mark the start and end date of your period and note how long it lasted, the duration is different for every girl and can be anything from 3 - 10 days. This will help you know when next to expect your period. 

  • Getting your period is a sign that you have grown up. You should not be embarrassed if someone sees your kit or your pads although you should try to keep it private. When you're on your period, you can do anything and everything you would do when you are not on your period. It's not an illness. Feel free to talk to your mom or an older one about any questions you may have. As you may already know, never flush pads or tampons down the toilet, wrap it up and put in the trash. Try to maintain general personal hygiene during your period so you feel fresh and healthy. 
A follow up post about Period tips and hacks to help you get through that "time of the month" is coming through soon so look out for it. If you have any thoughts on any of the points, any information on what a girl should know before her period comes or any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below and also feel free to share this post everywhere possible, someone somewhere could also be in need of this information, Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out Mide's Girlschat post for this week to see what she talked about HERE, it's bound to be juicy... Lol. Until the next post, Hugs! 
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