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Truth is since I left home for uni, I have not been watching TV a lot, scratch that, I have not been watching TV at all. What I do feed my eyes on are YouTube videos and some occasional movie streaming. I could spend hours on YouTube and not get bored, there are so many talented people with amazing channels on there to follow based on your interests anyway. So this is a list of youtubers I love (and I have practically stalked each one of them on every social media platform possible) and I am not saying their channels are the best and there are no other good ones out there; just that out of the ones I have encountered thus far, I fell in love with these ones and keep going back although I discover new ones all the time. So hope you enjoy reading through this list and feel free to leave any comments down below. If you have any other related channels not mentioned here, please leave the name or the link as well in the comment section and I would love to have a look at it and others could do so as well. In no particular order, there are:


Shirley is a 26- year old from London who is of Nigerian, Ghanaian and Canadian decent. From the first video of hers I stumbled on only some months ago, I fell in love and kept wondering why I had not found her channel ever since. She makes great quality videos, very informative and interesting videos about makeup looks, hair, beauty, blogging, photography, travels, events she's involved in like fashion shows and lifestyle. She is really talented, has an awesome personality and I am practically in awe of her beauty, carriage and demeanour. How she talks, walks, carries herself and combines outfits is a big deal to me.
 I especially love her hauls and look books. I have learnt a lot from her channel that has over 650,000 subscribers. She has a blog as well SHIRLEY'S WARDROBE. Every girl should check her out for makeup and outfit and all kinds of inspiration. Follow her on instagram at shirleybeniang


This is another fashion and beauty guru from London who makes videos on not just makeup looks and outfits alone but also shares insight on life issues from finance to personal growth to relationships on her channel with over 800,000 subscribers. 

I love her because she is so knowledgeable and always looks so put together. She is also popularly known as Britpoprincess. She also makes videos with her husband and new baby, Grace on her vlog channel BritpopLife. Check out her blog also and follow her on instagram at thepatriciabright.


Introducing Toni, the makeup artisan.This Nigerian beauty is such a young and drop dead gorgeous babe. I loved her from the first day I saw a video of hers and have been stalking her ever since. She's only 19 and just started out on YouTube but just shows two things: 1) it is not about the age and 2) It's not how long but how well. She already has over 700,000 views on her most popular video. Her tutorials are easy to follow and makeup looks are elegant. And I love her personality too. 

Her YouTube channel is Toni Olaoye and her instagram is toniolaoye1. And we both love the same YouTube gurus. I literally jump whenever I get a notification that she has posted something new.


Her name is Ajoke Omole and she is an online content creator, makeup artist and business woman. On her channel and her blog, she posts about makeup looks, hauls, look books, and lifestyle advice. She inspires me as a single mother of 2 in her 20s who is keeping everything together and still looking fly. 

She is such a free spirit and direct person plus she has some creative looks on her channel and you can check out her instagram at ajaysglam.


She's Nigerian as well (LOL). Her name is khadijat. Apart from being beautiful, she is a high skilled hair stylist. She does hair videos, wig making from scratch videos, makeup looks, look books, and other fun stuff on her channel. 

Before, I came across her channel I didn't know much about wigs (lace frontal, closure, dying and all that good stuff), actually I knew nothing at all. Her videos are extremely informative. She's a terrific dancer and a mother as well. Her instagram is at peakmill and this is her channel with over 700, 000 subcribers.. Sometimes, I wish I could secretly "tiff" all the wigs she makes on there. She custom make wigs on requests as well.


Uwani baby (like I know her, lol). I have literally stalked and followed her everywhere that I feel like I know her. She is a super talented makeup guru, she does hair and beauty videos as well as fashion looks. She does colour ful looks and celebrity inspired looks. Her eyeliner game is on another level entirely. And we come from the same state in Nigeria, OMG! Her channel uwani aliyu has over 25,000 subscribers and still counting and she blogs at Uwani and I come from kaduna state in Nigeria(lol) and she's 19 just like me and already touching lives.


This is Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian celebrity who needs no introduction. Over the years, she has built a career in media. She is a radio girl and makes chitchat videos on YouTube about relationships, love, friendships, life in general. I love her free spirited, sincere and hilarious personality. She has me literally rolling on the floor laughing with some of her weekly vlogs. She's beautiful, hardworking and industrious. She is involved in lots of projects back in Nigeria and all over the world really such as branding and promotions. Her makeup is always on fleek, and her wardrobe just slays. Her channel is called Toke Moments and on instagram, she is tokemakinwa. She tweets at tokstarr with over 67000 followers on twitter.


 I can't find the exact words to use for Grace. Her videos are the funniest ever but still so true, deep, sincere and inspiring. She is an entrepreneur as well, young and beautiful and always slays. She talks about anything and everything on her channel, Grace Ajilore with over 47,000 subscribers even though she began not too long ago and she is just too funny. Her instagram is alwaysstayingracious.


I was trying to find channels run by young girls that was not just about makeup tutorials and I found her channel. She's 20 and so knowledgeable. She makes beauty videos as well. Her channel is just geared towards an audience of young university students like her and her videos cover everything from friendships, university advice, story times and topics that affect girls her age and stage. While I am watching her, I find myself nodding like yes, that is true, you're so right saira, lol. This is her channel and her instagram.


Ropo is a makeup artist based in Hertfordshire. I love her stunning makeup looks and easy to follow tutorials. She also does beauty, hauls and hair videos on her channel. I especially love her instagram baddie makeup look live on her channel. 

She has over 65,000 subcribers on her channel and this is her instagram.


This two her the cutest couple. They have a channel Terroll & Nakita with over 70,000 subscribers right now. They make fun videos together and document different stages in their relationship. They are a really inspiring couple redefining video by video what love has been perceived to be. You should definitely check them out. 


Their channel is quite popular with 160000+ subscribers. Adanna is a Nigerian Medical doctor and husband is German and they live in Ireland. They have been making videos since they were just dating. Their videos are can be funny, motivational, enlightening, cute and adorable. Their love for each other just radiates through the screen. Adanna also does some hair and beauty videos on there as well. 

So, this is my list. Some of them you might know and some you may not. Like I said before, leave any comments in the comments section below. Any YouTube channels you feel are so good and should be known, please leave that in the comments below as well. Thanks for reading till the end. XOXO.



  1. I Absolutely love Adanna and David! With their newest addition baby kian😍, I also love Toke makinwa and yes her make up is💯. I'd be sure to check out the other channels, thanks for sharing Daniella.

    1. Thanks for stopping bye ARAMIDE plus I love your blog, your graphics are pretty.

  2. I really do love Shirley's style. Patricia is my all time favourite.. love Mike and her gorgeous grace. Teroll and Nikita's love gives me chills... each time I watch I pray for God to give me a man like

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    Blogging Tips || 20 Places to share your blog posts after you hit publish

    1. Hi Tega,
      I love Patricia to bits as well, she's talented, focused, creative and hardworking.

  3. I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me. personal stylist


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