Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Rihanna started her song with "this song's all about work" well, this post's all about work too. Like the music industry has been trying to pass this message of work across to us, in Beyonce's song get me bodied, she did say "a little work ain't never hurt nobody" and even fifth harmony sang "work from home" one of my faves of the year. So let's get started. I was just going through my instagram feed this morning and saw a quote about work and decided to put something up about it. As a young lady, I love to work, why? Because I can't stand failure. Whether I don't get good grades at school, or I don't succeed at a project I am working on or I can't meet my basic needs or whatever it is, failure makes me sad, depressed and lowers my self esteem. So the solution to not feeling that way is to work hard all day, everyday and I am not saying I don't have lazy days!

I just want to encourage you guys and girls to work hard and for those who are already doing that, keep pushing. My teachers in school always said "anything worth doing is worth doing well". If you are in high school or university, work hard at it, be the best you can be, succeed!. As Nigerian parents would say "those other kids getting 1st position, do they have two heads? Is it not the same brain like yours that they have, why can't you get 1st also", lol. Studying long hours for quizzes and exams, staying up late to finish your papers and essays, long hours of lecture might seem like such a herculean task but I promise you if you work hard, the end result will be something you would be proud off.

If you have a business or something that you do, be your number 1 fan and number 1 supporter. Arrive earlier than everyone else because it's your business. Be dedicated to whatever you do. Put in 150% effort and then some more. In life, nothing is just handed down to us on a platter of gold. We have to go out there and fight for what we want and demand the kind of life we want to live. If not, we just end up like everyone else. You choose today how you want your tomorrow to be like, People who have not so great lives chose that for themselves way back.

All work and no play makes danie a dull girl so work hard and do not forget to play as well. This is coming from a repentant workaholic. I used to work so hard, so hard and never believed in playing. But please don't work so hard that you loose sight of the things that really matter in life like peace, happiness, love, family, friends, relationships and rest. It's important. Put in that extra effort this week and see the difference it makes. When you succeed, everyone wants to know how you did it but when you fail, you are on your own. Until the next post, #chinupandbefabulous #hardworkneverkilledanybody #successlooksgoodonyou

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