Answering The 5 Most Asked Questions About My Boobs

by - September 04, 2017

Hi guys! How y'all doing? Thank you for clicking through to this post. I'm gonna be answering the 5 most asked questions I get about my boobs, yeah 😄

1. What are you eating that your breasts are getting so big?

Answer: okay, ermmmm 😂, I'm not sure if there's any food that causes or prompts a sudden increase in boob size but if you know any food like that, comment it down below. I have not been eating anything out of the regular. My boobs have increased in size probably because my whole body has increased in size, so with added body fat comes added booby fat I guess. So I've not been eating any breast enlarging foods neither do I know of any.

2. How did your breast just grow big all of sudden? 

Answer: Honestly, I don't know. I don't know if it's hormones or too much food or just generally added weight like I said above but it wasn't sudden, it just grew and is in everyone's face now which I'm not so thrilled about. I envy flat chested girls sometimes.

3. What size of bra do you wear?

Answer: Well I wear a D cup. 4D, 85D that is my ideal bra size so if you wanna gift me a bra, now you know and it can be difficult to find my size.

4. Are you wearing push up bras or your breast are just like this? 

Answer: No, no and no. I hate push up bras, I detest them, they're the most uncomfortable bras after strapless sliding bras to me that is. The last time I wore a push-up bra was probably in Jss1 when I had lemon size breasts.

5. Come and give me some! 

Answer: okay, this isn't really a question but more of a statement and yes darling, I'd be happy to cut off from mine and add to yours if that was possible. I feel like doing a post about the struggles of having big boobs, comment below, if you'd like to see that post.

Do you have any more questions that I didn't answer? Comment them down below. Talk to you guys in my next post. Please check out my Instagram HERE, my Youtube channel HERE and add me on Snapchat @daniella.bature and make sure you find the FOLLOW button on this page and follow the blog. Look forward to connecting with you. Thank you for reading.

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