Getting My First Gel Manicure Experience & What You Should Know Before Getting Yours

by - September 07, 2017

gel manicure nails

gel manicure nails

gel manicure nails

gel manicure nails

gel manicure nails

Hi guys, So yesterday was my first time ever getting a gel manicure, I've been hearing about it, seeing other  people wearing it and I actually thought it would be something to try on and I got the opportunity to yesterday and I'm so so excited I got to try something new for the first time and I actually liked it because, if you don't know, I have a phobia for trying new things.

So, what was the process like? 

Bare in mind that this is gel over my natural nails, no extensions and I got matte ones in a nude shade and I think it's very simple, very minimal and not saying or doing too much, probably from the next time, I might want to try some designs, try some extensions but I feel like this is perfect for me because I do not know how to manage long nails cause they just always get in my way. 

I got my nails done at @nailslefkosa on Instagram, check out my video clip on my Instagram @dateswithdanie, so she first of all sprayed my hands with a cleanser and then starting pushing back my cuticles with a pusher. Then, she tried to take out the dead skin around the cuticles, she basically just opened up the cuticles with different processes. She also put something like a glue that's suppose to absorb into my skin and help remove some of the dead skin as well. And that part was very very intense because you can feel it burning depending on how sensitive your skin is. Then after that, she then used something like a cutter to cut off the excess skin. She filed my nails into an oval shape which is perfect for my nail length and nail shape at the moment, when it grows longer a bit, probably I can get a square shape. 

She took the base coat and applied it on each nail and then I put it into the lamp, you're going to experience some burning when the heat is coming unto the base coat on your nail. And then she put two layers of the nail polish and after each finger, she put it in the lamp to cure and then she put the mattifying top coat on each finger and then into the lamp to cure as well and then you're going to experience burning heat again when the top coat is curing. 

What to know before getting your first gel nails...

1. You need to go to someone who knows what they're doing cause some people don't know that there's a cleansing process, a manicure process before you actually put the gel on so you need to go to someone who knows what the're doing and if you don't
 follow that process, your gel might not last for too long, it might come off after few days and that would be a waste of money, time, energy and resources. So definitely find someone who is good and professional. 

2. You need to know want you want to do. If you want to get extensions, then go to someone who can do extensions for you, if you want designs, go to someone who can do that. 

3. Get ready for some burning because it's going to hurt, it actually did hurt even though it was just for a few seconds, those few seconds were intense but then, as my people in Nigeria say 
"yanga dey pain" meaning to be beautiful, it will cost you something, lol

4. Lastly, I feel like matte nails are really pretty so you should try it at least once like mine is so matte, so pretty, so velvety although I wouldn't go for a light matte shade again because I eat with my hands sometimes and it gets stained although I can wipe it off but still....

So that's my first time with gel nails. Let me know what type of nails you guys get, is it gel? Is it acrylic? Is it just extensions with glue? Is it press-ons and let me know your experience with gel nails all in the comment section. 

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