10 Advises Every Nigerian Parent Gives Their Children Before Going Back To School.

by - September 12, 2017

Hi guys,

Advises Nigerian Parents Give Their Children

I'm so excited to write this post just cause the idea just popped into my mind and I was just smiling and laughing to myself when putting points down. So as a Nigerian child, our parents don't joke with education and discipline. And they never fail to drive moral lessons into your head especially at the start of a new school year, or new class or just if you're going to school at all. So I thought back on some advises I and my siblings have gotten from our parents and made this list:

There might be some more that you may have received if you have Nigerian parents that I didn't include and that's great,  cause that's what the comments section is for and also let me know, which you can relate to 100%.

1. Face your studies - This is the fundamental of everything because it's the main reason why you're going to school in the first place, so you must do what? Face your...... studies.

2. Be a good boy/girl - I'm sure you knew this was and had to be on the list. When you get there, be a good boy, be a good girl, even aunties and uncles who nobody asked for their inputs must reiterate this.

3. Make sure you work hard - Work hard in the sense that you should study hard, pass your exams and be the top in your class. 

4. Don't mingle with the wrong crowd 

5. When you see other children doing bad things, don't join them - I can just imagine my mom's face and gesture ringing this in our ears the night before school or while she's driving us there. 

6. Remember where you are coming from - Please if you never received this advice from your mother, father, uncle, aunt, parent's friends or any older person, are you really a Nigerian child?  

7. Put God first - No matter who or what you believe in, we Nigerians don't joke with our God and our parents make sure we don't too even when we are far away at school.

8. Take care of your things - especially if you were a boarding student, my mom always use to ring this in my brother's ears especially when he comes back after a term and he's lost virtually everything she bought for him when he was going to school initially on the basis of they tapped it.

9. Do all your homework and assignments on time - This goes with number 3 which is working hard.

10. And I have two more on my list which is Manage what you have, don't borrow anything from anybody and Eat whatever food they give you. 

Bear in mind that if your report card or teachers say something else about your behaviour, then you will get a lot of talk on whatever it is e.g. if they say you always make noise in class, then you'd hear something like "when the teacher is in class, don't make noise, if anybody talks to you, don't answer them" and if your result wasn't so good the last time, then expect a lot of talk along the lines of "the person who got first or an A, do they have 2 heads? Why can't you also get A" Lol,

Nigerian parents are just something else guys, please comment which of these back to school pieces of advice, instructions and moral lessons you always got and any others that I didn't include. Looking forward to reading and laughing over your comments, should be an interesting read.

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