Stuff Insecure Girls Do in Relationships || Don't Be That Girl!

by - July 07, 2017

 insecure girls relationships red bodycon skirt black lace top

Welcome back to my blog guys! Before you continue reading, please follow me on Instagram here I post every single day, thank you very much. So I've been meaning to write on this for the longest time. I've mentioned before in this post about  Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself To Other Girls that I've struggled with so many insecurities and it has affected me in so many ways no doubt.

So when it comes to dating as well, if you're insecure as a person, your insecurities are definitely going to affect how you relate with whoever you're in a relationship with, what you often say and how you behave sometimes and I've experienced these things first hand so stuff insecure girls do
in relationships, let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of these

1. Needing validation from your boyfriend - this just means you depend on your boyfriend to feel good about yourself. You don't feel good unless he compliments you, you constantly need to hear words of affirmation. You need him to tell you you're beautiful, you have an amazing body, your tummy isn't flat but I like it the way it is and when he doesn't, you're not quite happy or confident in yourself. It affects your self esteem in a way. Basically you needing to hear someone tell you you are worthy before you feel worthy.

insecure girls relationships red bodycon skirt black lace top

2. Freaking out when he talks to or talks about other girls - like the moment you're boyfriend is just glancing at another girl, speaking to another girl or talking to YOU about another girl just something random and it could even be a girl you know even a mutual friend but the moment he's having any other thoughts that are not all about you, you can't take it. And all those girls have become your low key enemy like you just like them anymore. I mean how dare the thought of another female human specie cross his mind when you;re there right? Hold up, you're insecure.

insecure girls relationships red bodycon skirt black lace top

3. Wanting to know his whereabouts - you're probably insecure when you're always asking "where are you going?" "where are you right now?" "how long will you be there?" "who else is there with you?" "when are you coming back?" "where will you go to from there?" "who are you going with?" and blah blah blah....

insecure girls relationships red bodycon skirt black lace top

4. Comparing yourself to other girls he shows interests in - you should definitely read this post about Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself To Other Girls, so you can stop comparing yourself with any girl - white, black, red, purple, that your boyfriend just indicates the slightest interest in or simply admires from a distance. Don't do that to yourself.

insecure girls relationships red bodycon skirt black lace top

5. Going through his phone (and even computer ) - I've been there, done that and even got a t-shirt guys! You go through his call log, text messages, WhatsApp messages, Instagram DMs, Snapchat messages, emails, Viber and any other place he uses as a means of communication. Then now that phones have pass codes and thumb print recognition, you either try to find out want the pass code is when he's typing it or you wait until he drops the phone and you race to it so it doesn't lock again. Lol. 

Which of these points you can relate to and how do you think girls can overcome these type of emotional insecurities? Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. Yes to every single one of these! I think a lot of girls don't realize their power in relationships, but more often than not its something you learn with time!

    Love this post!