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How To Beat Smelly Armpits This Summer

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

Hi guys, how are you all doing? Welcome back to my blog unless you're new here, then welcome, I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm sharing these personal tips of mine cause we're in the summer now and it's so hot right now. and you know when it's hot, we sweat more and when we sweat more, we smell more and some of us actually sweat much more than others.

It can be very embarrassing when you raise your hands and not only are they damp and moist but they're also smelling oozing is the word. In fact, you yourself can smell your own self even without raising your hands, just a sniff of the air alone passing through your underarms area is enough to kill all the fishes in the sea, I know it sounds harsh but I've been there.

So No. 1 - Clear all the hair in there, shave, take it all out cause that's the starting point. You can't be trying to control sweat and smells if you have bushes under there, yes I said it bushes. In fact, it's going to be sweaty all the time, smelly, itchy, scratchy, everything. And your best bet in the summer is to use a shaving cream like the one I use  Veet Hair Removal Cream, see it HERE also. Using razor might give you bumps and bruises especially in this hot weather and if you have very sensitive skin like me (Read also How To Shave : The Injury & Bump Free Way To Shave Your Armpits with A Razor )

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

No. 2 Use an antiperspirant, roll on, body spray - This is very very very important because even when your armpits are clean and clear, you will still sweat, it's human nature. When you use deodorants, it controls how you sweat and more importantly disguises the smell of the sweat. So when you smell your armpit, it will smell like the fragrance in the roll on and not something awful. I love and use Nivea's Double Effect Body Spray and Double Effect Roll On as well, they smell amazing. Make sure you get yourself one today and always restock don't let it run out especially in this hot weather. 

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

No. 3  Wash your armpit areas frequently during the day. If you're someone that sweats a lot and you are in a very hot environment maybe it's so humid or there's no air conditioning, you may want to go to the bathroom frequently to just wash under your armpits with water and pat it dry or else sweat might well up in there and start to drip down your body, it has happened to me for real.

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

No. 4  Baby/Talcum Powder is another way to feel dry under your armpits and smell good although it's only temporary, it's good at night thouh when you want to sleep. 

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

No.5  Lastly, wear breathable clothing preferably cotton and light materials. Some materials actually make you sweat more like silk, wool, etc. {Also read How To Get Your Self And Your Wardrobe Ready For Summer)

How To Control Armpit Odor & Sweat This Summer

 What are your own tips on controlling odor and sweat? Let me know in the comments below. Please share this post with your friends using the share buttons below and please follow me on  INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || BLOGLOVIN and SUBSCRIBE to the blog if you haven't already (so you can receive updates before any one else). Thanks for reading, you are appreciated.

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  1. lol I know this is weird but your armpit is so fresh! I follow these tips so much, thank you for sharing. I think people need to up their hygiene more this summer. Please do you know how to whiten dark armpits? ��

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