Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself To Other Girls

by - June 13, 2017

Hi guys welcome back to my blog! This is going to be a chatty post and one that's really dear to my heart cause for as long as I can remember I have struggled with constant self comparison. As far back as when I was in nursery school to primary to secondary and even now, I still struggle with it.

Comparing yourself to other girls

I used to compare my self to any one and based on so many things. I'd compare my hair, the way I looked, my body shape, my body structure, my weight, my intelligence, my finances, my relationship, even my parents and the kind of family I came from. like it was so bad. And I'd always end up crying and feeling bad about myself just cause I didn't feel like I met up the standards of these other girls.

Comparing yourself to other girls

It used to affect me so much and even up till now the only difference is that now I can control my thoughts and emotions more than before. I could have 100% confidence level and feel like I look good when I leave home but when I get somewhere especially where there are other girls, my self esteem immediately drops and my mood changes because there's a voice inside my head telling me I look ugly, or I'm the fattest most shapeless girl in the room, every one has a flat tommy and a figure 8 or every one's make up and outfit is popping and I'm there looking like somebody's mom or my hair isn't Brazillian or my phone is the lowest grade phone there among iphones. You know, different stupid stuff will just be going on in my mind and sometimes, I get up and leave such places and go back home feeling depressed.

Comparing yourself to other girls

And you know now with snapchat, Instagram, Instagram stories with every body's amazing life all up in your face, it's kind of hard not to feel left out because you are not online buying stuff everyday, because you don't have the Anastasia Beverly hills glow kit that every girl has or you don't have the trendy shoes/outfits to post on Instagram or you're the only one in the world still buying synthetic hair (read how to maintain synthetic hair and make it last longer here) when everyone is rocking a different lace front wig every other day and you're the only one with real life problems.

Comparing yourself to other girls

But one thing you need to know is everyone, I mean everyone has problems. They may be different from ours but everyone has them and theirs may even be more complex than yours, you just never know. Secondly, people's paths and destinies are different, my mom used to tell me that all the time so don't compare yourself with others. Where we're coming from is quite different and also where we're going, so why compare?

Then, you never know the amount of work that has gone on behind the scenes before all the glitz and glamour you're seeing. There was a larvae and caterpillar stage before the pretty butterfly that's flying around. So if you're not a butterfly yet and someone else is, appreciate them, congratulate them, support them and you be the best caterpillar you can be. So don't compare your chapter 1 with someone else's chapter 10. Some people's parents have done the hard work before now and that's why things are a bit easier for them.

Comparing yourself to other girls
P.S. I don't really like this picture

And lastly, you gon' shine when you gon' shine! Always remember that so why keep feeling bad about yourself, depressed, sad, worthless and belittling your wins because that's what self comparison does. So it's your turn, do other girls make you feel a certain kind of way or have you struggled with self comparison too? Let me know in the comments below, feel like I'm spreading my dirty linen on this blog more and more but I'm just being real. Sorry for yet another super long post, promise to make them shorter.

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  1. wow this is inferiority complete fight in the mind....by so doing it leads so many people into doing things that are far beyond their reach just because they want to meet up with other people's standard.....all we should know is that we are not created equal even the bible say in Ecl3:1... there is time for everything...what u don't have today does not mean that u will not have it tomorrow.....your friends may not see your back in future that is why u need today guide your heart with all diligence

    1. Awwww thanks Williams for this comment. I feel good just reading it. xx

  2. "I'm gon' shine when I'm gon' shine".🤣🤣 We all have struggles within ourselves, we battle with how we look and that's because we allow social media and the world to tell us what's beautiful and what's perfect. We tend to forget that beauty is diverse and societal's definition of beauty changes with time. Society highlights a new form of beauty every year and If you allow social media to rush u, it's easy to get carried away. Everyone has their inner and outer strength and weaknesses. No one is perfect. It's easy to fake perfection but it's difficult to maintain it. Look closely to those u are comparing yourself to and u will realize that it's not all perfect as it seems.

  3. The key is to be happy in whatever shape or form God gave you, he made everyone beautiful in their own light and it is our duty to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine (had me singing there lil bit lol)

  4. Wow danie this is lovely..After reading this i thought about it carefully.I never really fit amongst other girls ,never really liked all the hairs and clothes and make up and looking all glamorous and d rest not that I was a tomboy but I was just really simple and didn't attach importance to any of these things and at some point I felt like I needed to be like them and do all these things to be better,even being on social media and slaying lol trust me I've tried keeping up with social networks but it doesn't work for me.And I'm done comparing and trying to keep up ,I've learnt to appreciate me God has made me and of course there is room for a lot of improvement����.