A Few Things I Actually Hate About Box Braids

May 12, 2017

I shared a post sometime ago about the things I absolutely love about box braids, read that post here. So today it's the things I hate, hopefully, you can relate to them.

 Box Braids

1. They take so long - honestly, this is the most discouraging thing about braids. If you are planning on getting them done one by one like actual box braids not crochet or sew ins, then get ready to devote a virtually a whole day. Worst if you're doing micro braids, they take forever.

2. It's painful at first - Tbh, the braids hurt and anyone who has ever done them know this fact. Depending on how tight it is, your scalp can hurt for days. And if you're not careful, you can even get boils around your hairline if it's too tight. It has happened to me for real.

 Box Braids

3. Your edges are at stake - flashback to 2015 when I had micro braids and after I loosened the braids, my front hair line was gone. These type of braids are dangerous, lol especially when you leave them in for a long time.

4. Edge control - Tbh, I'm actually very hair lazy so anything that requires extra effort, I don't like! For your hairline to look neat, you need to tame and control the edges so your baby hairs lay flat and that's extra work for me so..... but I have to try!

 Box Braids

5. They don't last forever - Box braids for me are so stress free. I always almost forget that I have to take them out. But yeah....

6. I hate when the braids get weak and the start pulling off or dropping from your head. I'm always like "it's only black girls' hair that drops off like this!" #blackgirlmagic

 Box Braids

So those are a few thing I hate about box braids. It's box braids season on the blog, lol. What do you think about box braids? I really really want to know, share all your thoughts in the comments please! Thanks for reading and please follow me on  INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || BLOLOVIN and SUBSCRIBE to the blog. Thanks for reading again, you are appreciated!

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