How To Lay Stubborn Edges With Braids Without Any White Residue

by - April 13, 2017

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! And if it's your first time here, you are most definitely welcome too. I have had my hair in box braids for like getting to 3 weeks now (Read 6 Great Things I Love About Box Braids). As time goes by, you find that the braids start to get loose especially around your front hair line and it doesn't look so neat anymore. The solution would be to use an edge control right? But have you ever used one on your hair and it didn't work, like your baby hairs refused to lay flat or you ended up with white residue all over your edges? Same used to happen to me so I'll share the technique and product I use to ensure my stubborn and tough hairs still lay flay and I don't end up having white residue on my air. 

What You Will Need:
  • An edge control definitely, I use this hair gel I got from the super market. It's called Professional BON HAIR hair gel. A lot of people use eco styling gel or ORS edge control, I couldn't find those ones in my area. 

  • A toothbrush
  • A hairbrush or comb

First thing is to make sure there's no oil in your hair or else it will have that white residue so I first of all wash my edges with water and dry it with a towel. Then you want to take your brush or comb and brush your hairs downwards to look like this 

Beauty and hair gurus always say not to use to much product but I find out that it doesn't work for my own hairs, they are way too stubborn so I use a lot of gel and take the excess off later. I apply the el with my finger as it's just a lot easier. 

So you apply the gel all over your hair, I actually soak my hair in the gel and then use the edge of my toothbrush or fingers still to scrap the excess off. 


So after scrapping the excess off, I use my tooth brush to like style it back wards the way I like and it looks like this

Then I take a scarf and tie over the laid edges for about ten minutes so that the gel can dry on it and it can stay in place. 


After 10 minutes or more, you can untie the scarf and that's it.

From this

To This

Thanks for reading till the end, I hope this post is really helpful. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment down below or buzz me on any of my socials. What products do you use to lay your edges? Please leave a comment down below.  Stay awesome!  Please subscribe to my blog if you haven't yet, please! It's easy and free and follow me on social media, thank you! SUBSCRIBE || INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER


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  1. really very helpful, i also have stubborn edges

  2. really very helpful, i also have stubborn edges

    1. Hi Chioma, Thanks for stopping by! I am happy you found it helpful. Stubborn edges can be a chore. xx