Review || Dinner at Cadde Mutfak Restaurant

by - March 11, 2017

Hi guys ! Welcome to my blog. I will be showing you guys my city now in a couple of posts, so expect to see posts about restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, parks, and just everywhere I go. For those who don't know me like that yet, I am currently studying in North Cyprus and I live in Lefkoşa (Nicosia). Today's post is about this new restaurant in Hamitköy that was opened sometime last year and I had dinner there a couple of nights ago. So I thought to share my experience with you all.

Like I said, it's located around hamitköy traffic light opposite Ekin Adademir building. you can't miss it because it's always busy especially around lunch time in the afternoons and there are always lots of cars parked outside. At night, there are bright lamps outside that lights the place up.

 People can sit inside the building as well as on the porch where there are glass doors. Inside, they have a section for pastries like the breads and other breakfast menu items with show glasses. With another show glass for soft drinks.They have two chair and table types, the high ones probably for taking drinks or breakfast like tea which is close to the pastries section and other regular sized chairs and tables. I would say the colour scheme is very nice and I love the ambience as well.

They have a menu but we didn't order from the menu. It was just a quick and unplanned stop so we moved directly to the open buffet section. The staff there are very friendly and polite. And the table place mats were really beautiful. They have TVs at different positions so you can see the screen from where ever you're seated which I thought was very thought-ful unlike some places where it's just 1 Tv in the corner.

The wall of the other wing is covered in wallpaper of some city like buildings. We had this menu of rice, chips, chicken and green beans sauce (I'm not sure of what it's called exactly). I was just there for the chicken because the chips was a bit cold but I didn't want to bother asking them to heat it up. They also served us salad with our meal (healthy eating, lol). They brought the bill in a booklet and everything we ate was just 32 TL which is pretty cheap.

The chicken was very delicious, it was grilled very well, very tasty and was cooked on the inside which is the case with some of the grilled whole chicken in some of the restaurants around. So feel free to check them out, they have some cheap and nice meals. What's one thing you love most about your favourite restaurants? Is it the environment, the way they serve, the taste of the food or what? Please share in the comments below. What do you think of this post? I appreciate your feedback!  Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! 

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