5 Places To Search For Information When Preparing Your Projects Or Articles

by - March 14, 2017

Hi, guys! Welcome back to my blog.

This post is to help my fellow students out there when it comes to making research and gathering information for your projects, articles, essays, write ups, assignments and other school work. When it comes to looking for information, you want to search from genuine and accurate sources, not just any website.

I once took a course where I had to prepare a term project and the lecturer told us that we have to get the information from textbooks, e-books, journals or papers and include them in our references as well. If you don't know how and where to get started, here are some tips

1. Your University's Library - I know you're saying "well....duhhh, who doesn't know about using the library" well it has to be on the list anyway. So you can go to the library and search for textbooks under the subject you are working on.

2. Your School's E-library - Most universities have an e-library where you can access lots of books, journals and papers online through a portal. You can search on your school's website or ask a library staff.

3. Google scholar - instead of searching for information directly from google, search from Google Scholar instead.

4. Science direct - Science Direct is another place where you can search for such information.

5. IEEE Xplore - And finally IEEE Xplore Digital Library is really good if you are searching engineering, computing and technology related topics like me!

So those are basically where I search for academic information from. What other sources do you know and use? Please share in the comments below. I would love to know and others can learn from you as well. In case you're not subscribed to the blog by email or following the blog, please do, it's free and really easy. Thank you for reading. Stay awesome!

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