Hair Breakdown & Review || My Red Ombre Hair

by - March 22, 2017

Hello and welcome to my blog. This post is all about the two-tone ombre curly hair I'm currently wearing. The hair is from Arte hair, I didn't get this hair online. I bought it from a lady who sells weaves and all kind of hair extensions here in Cyprus (reach her on +905428866335). I didn't want synthetıc hair but something that will last longer than synthetic hair before I can buy actual human hair which we all know is not so cheap. The hair costs 50 Turkish lira a pack. Here is a similar one from aliexpress here.

I was told this hair is almost like human hair and it seemed so at the beginning. I chose it because of how soft and silky it was when I touched it. I have in two packets of the hair. Each pack comes with three bundles of different lengths. I am wearing my hair in a side path with some minimal leave out. Since my own hair was semi-relaxed, I applied relaxer on my front edges before sewing in the hair. And after the sew-in, I flat ironed it so it blends perfectly with the weave. I did not install the weave myself, Christelle, my friend and hair stylist did (reach her on +905428838128). And she really liked the hair too. I am not sure how many inches it is because the pack didn't say but it goes all the way down to my breasts. At first, it was just so soft, light weight and has a natural wavy curl pattern. It still kept the pattern and the curls but became stiffer and more difficult to brush as time went on.

Overall, I really love the feel and look of the hair. It doesn't tangle that much and the pack says it can be straightened and blow dried which I didn't try. It's synthetic so I was skeptical about ruining it too early. The black and red tone is new for me but I'm into exploring new territories now plus I have already gotten so many compliments on the hair. Because I'm loving long weaves now, I would have loved it more if the hair was some inches longer. And secondly, because of how red and bold the hair is, I can't go heavy on the makeup cause it would be too much especially red hair and red lips and I really like red bold lips.

So in summary, Pros of the hair
1. The two tone color is unique and beautiful
2. It was soft and silky unlike other synthetic weaves
3. It was cheap.
4. It is attention catching and the compliments were unending
5. It blended perfectly with my straightened relaxed hair.
6. It still held the curls even after I trimmed it.

1. It sheds a lot. this hair can shed for Africa!
2. The ends started to frizz after a while so I trimmed it twice but that's to be expected of synthetic hair.
3. It started tangling at a point and the pack said it was tangle free.

First time I trimmed it to my shoulders

And then I trimmed it to my neck

When I take it out, I'll wash and blow dry it and see how it turns out and leave an update here so stay tuned for that. If you really love how this hair looks, you can find a similar one here . Please follow my blog, subscribe via email and follow me on social media too for all updates and I really would love to connect with you. Would you rock this hair or nah? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Stay awesome!

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