What You Need To Know Before You Get Your Ear Piercing

by - March 28, 2017

My bestie and I have been wanting to pierce our ears but I the queen of procrastination and uncertainty still haven't done it while my friend recently did hers, she got two more piercings on both ears so I had to hold her on her throat to give me some first hand tips and experience so I can share it on my blog in case any of my readers want to take the bold step.

Let's talk about the most obvious thing. the pain. So according to her, people feel pain differently. Some people don't feel any pain at all so I guess it's different strokes for different folks but deep down, I just know mine is going to be very painful. I can't stand anything sharp going through my body. I hated injections all my life and even till now, thankfully I don't fall sick to that extent.  And piercing on the ear cartilage is much more painful than the soft lobe of the ear.

So the piercing specialist or 'piercer' (or how are they called? LOL ) marks where you want the piercing to go and uses the gun to you know? Do the do!

After the piercing, you do what? You go home. But the instruction is to not take out the earring until after 3-4 days. For my friend, she left hers a little longer than that because after 3 days when she first tried to take hers off, she bled, yes! And also, 2 days after you get the piercing, you are supposed to use cotton bud, warm water and sea salt to clean the pierced area to avoid any infection.

Also roll the earring around in the hole so that it doesn't heal to closely to the earring and there is some room in there. When sleeping, you're not supposed to put your ear directly on the pillow. You either sleep face up or find a way to support your head so your ears aren't pressed against the pillow.

So those are the things you should probably know before you go ahead and get your piercing so you prepare your mind. I'm talking solely about ear piercings in this post, as for nose, belly button, tonhue and other piercings ermmmm stay tuned, lol. Did you get pierced recently? How did it go? Leave me your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading. Stay awesome! Connect with me please  SUBSCRIBE || INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER

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