DIY Black Lips with Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner

by - March 16, 2017

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I like how black lips look on others and sometimes want to try it out myself. It's not everyday you wear black lipstick so if you spend money on it now, it might just be sitting in your drawer for weeks or months. So instead of spending on black lipstick that you wear once in a blue moon, why not spend that money on another shade of lipstick or something else that you use everyday and DIY your black lips whenever you need them with your everyday eyeliner.

Just a little disclaimer, I'm not a makeup guru, I'm just learning and I wanted to share this easy guide with you guys. What you will need:
  • Some lip balm to moisturize your lips, I just use Vaseline. You don't want to have some dry, chapped, moisture-less lips crying for a little hydration especially in this dry weather.
  • Black pencil liner (any eyeliner or brow pencil will do)
  • Black liquid eyeliner (or gel liner)

Step 1: Moisturize your dry lips and if your lips aren't dry, move to the next step.

Step 2: Outline your lips with your black pencil liner.

Step 3: Fill the insides of your lips with the same pencil liner you used to line the outside corners. Cover up your lips as much as you can, you might still miss some spots.

Step 4: In this step, use your liquid eyeliner all over your lips in multiple layers until it covers up everywhere. I used the Flomar dipliner.

And voila, your black lips are ready to be rocked!!


 I hope this guide is useful and helpful to you. How do you feel about black lipstick? Have you tried it before? What other make up/beauty DIYs do you normally do? I have a lot of them. Please leave all your comments down below. Thank you for reading. Stay awesome! Don't forget to subscribe and follow my blog.

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