What To Know If You Want To Start Gyming

by - March 28, 2017

Hello loves! Welcome to my blog.

Remember my friend from this post about getting your ear pierced, well she recently started gyming because she has been wanting to loose some weight and get in shape although her body looks okay to me, I mean hers is way better than mine. Anyways, I went to her for some beginner gym tips so I could share with my blog readers. So if you want to start gyming, go ahead and start, what are you waiting for?

First things first, find a gym close to you and register. Get your gyming outfits - leggings, sports bra, tank tops, trainers. Then, know the workouts you want to do.

You have to make up your mind to be punctual and consistent because that can be difficult when you first start. ,

Have a gyming plan and follow the plan. By gyming plan, I mean there are different reasons people gym: to loose weight, for body building, for fitness, muscle toning etc. Each of these have specific workouts and diet plans you need to follow.

And if you want to loose weight, reduce your sugar and carbohydrates intake, drink more water and eat more protein and vegetables. It's tough to completely cut off these things but reducing your portions and how often you consume them is key. Also, watch your food portions and the time you eat.

So if you want to start working out for whatever reason, then do. Besides summer is almost here so you can flaunt your bikini body. Thanks for reading! What additional beginner gyming tips do you have that have helped you? Share all in the comments, thank you! Stay awesome ! Please connect with me! SUBSCRIBE || INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER

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