Styling The Men In Your Life For Prom, Weddings, Date Night, Cocktail Parties & Formal Events

by - February 13, 2017

As ladies, who are the men in our lives? Dads, granddad, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, boyfriends, fiances, husbands, sons, grandsons, nephews, colleagues, business partners, ..... you naaaaaaaaame it! When you're going out with any of these men right here, you want them to look as good as you do, don't you? But not all men know how to step it up in the wardrobe department and sometimes most times, they don't even know what to wear for what and to where? So I teamed up with the creative people at to bring you this easy and simple guide to dressing your man appropriately so you both can strut into that party, cocktail, dinner date, prom, white or black tie event, friend's wedding or even your own wedding looking like a million bucks. 

The is an online suit and tuxedo rental service for prom suits, wedding suits, date night, cocktails, parties and events. Let's be real, not everyone can afford a great suit right now cause I'm telling you those things are expensive but with the black tux you can rent that killer suit for whatever event and send it back afterwards. The good thing is they have a very simple process, you just select what type of suit you want, put in your measurements and other specifications and get it shipped to you 2 weeks  before your event, that way you can try it on and if you need to change anything, anything at all, they can do it for you free of charge. Another incredible thing is they offer free shipping both ways so all you pay for is the actual rentals. They even have a free at home try-on allowing you to try on the suit at home months in advance. Not just suits but shirts, shoes, cufflinks, studs and other accessories as well. How cool is that?

Let your guy ( son, brother or boyfriend) be the best-dressed male in the room at prom by checking out their special prom rentals here . The infographic below is a guide on how to style your guy no matter the occasion, feel free to download it and always refer to it. 

Because men don't like being told what to do even when it comes to fashion, I have some personal tips on subtle ways you can get your man to start dressing better whether there's an occasion or not. 

How can you get your guy to dress better?
  • Gift him the item  - If there's something you would like to see him in, maybe a shirt, a tie, a hat, some shoes. Get it and give it to him as a gift. 
  • Don't criticise him, be encouraging - Rather than putting him down and telling him that he looks terrible in his own choice of clothes, tell him how handsome, hot and sexy he looks when he puts on something you actually like.
  • Compliment! Compliment!! Compliment!!! Don't fail to compliment him when you notice a change in his dressing, He'll notice it and will encourage him to do more. 
  • Invite him somewhere he will have to dress up for - if you guy is not one to dress up for anything but would rather wear basics all day, invite him to an event that he will have to other option buy to get up, dress up and show up.
  • Plan a surprise shopping date - Very few men actually enjoy shopping as much as us girls do. Plan an afternoon where you both slip into a shop (it could even be a surprise) and make him try on and get some pieces that actually fit him but try to limit it to just two stores so he doesn't get frustrated. 

If this post was helpful to you, please share it with someone using the social share buttons. It's your turn now, what tips do you have on styling the men in your life for whatever occasion without much conflict? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Subscribe via email to the blog if you haven't yet to have all updates delivered straight to your inbox. Thanks for reading and stay awesome! 

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  1. This Danie girl, you just want someone to go and be looking for bae on this valentine's day. I look forward to styling future bae with these tips, he gotta look stylish you now

    1. Lmao, before future bae comes, use it on your friends, brothers and your mom's bae, your dad! LOL.

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    1. Wow, Thank you Andrea Chiu for stopping by! I really appreciate! Off to your blog right now. xx