What's The Sweetest Thing A Guy Has Ever Done For You That Made You Go Awwwwww...... #GIRLS CHAT SERIES 19

by - December 28, 2016

"I keep myself busy with things to do but every time I pause, I still think of you" - #QOTP

Hey Guys(and Girls)!
Allow me to clear off the dust and the cobwebs off this blog *poof pooof * . It's been a long long did I say loooong time. Hope you're all doing great. I sincerely apologize for being MIA these past few weeks but now I'm back by popular demand *just pretend it's Beyonce's voice*. I also have some good news for you guys. So just because I'm way behind schedule, there'll be two girls chat posts this week. Yaay!! So today's gist is yet again inspired by Aunty Toke's book, on becoming. In the book, there's a part where she first met Maje, yes him *rolling my eyes* and when they started talking, they realised they lived not so far away from each other and she mentioned to him how she loved peppered snails. And the next thing, she got a package delivered to her house and it read "Enjoy your peppered snails. Maje!" And I was just like awwwww... that's so sweet, this Maje guy is actually sweet but that was until I read the latter parts of the book. Sweet fire!

You know normally guys do the wooing and toasting and when they are trying to impress you or prove how much they are into you, some of them do and say a few sweet things and I'm so cheesy. I love all these romantic, lovey dovey stuff. I asked myself and a few others what's the sweetest thing that a guy has ever done that made you go awwwwww and I got a lot of answers that made me mushy inside like double awwww awwww, lol. 

Joan said "he took me on a romantic date just to apologize to me"

Roxy said "he paid my first class ticket from Toronto to Nigeria because the airline was giving me lots of troubles flying a regular class with my puppy and so he upgraded my ticket to first class so I could fly in peace"

Okiki said "I think I told him about a movie and he didn't actually like it but then he watched it anyway. It was sweet showing interest in something I like"

Yilcit said "a surprise birthday party with the prettiest gift" 

Thembi said "No guy has ever done anything sweet for me before" Lol. 

Favour said "the line I will be able to survive without you but my life will not have been complete."

Rashida said "A lot of things dear. Maybe a surprise cause I love surprises".

Joy said "Singing is the best to me. I find it sweet and romantic"

Oluchi said "Buy my food 😂😂😂. But when I get surprised by things I guess or when he defends me. I will be like yes, that's my boyfriend"

Mona said "He got a celeb I love to give me a shout out and threw a surprise party (mini) and got me a really expensive gift when he was broke AF"

  Can I just pause here to say awwwwwww.....

Happy said "Hmnnn many but one coming to my head now is paying for my gym for me".

Shantel said "I have a lot of awwwws in my life lol. I'm a sucker for a person who knows what they want. So my current boyfriend and I were in a position last year where our relationship was very much tried cause some girls were saying they are dating him. So I just asked him whats up and he said there's nothing going on and I was like okay but I drew myself back and he noticed it then he took me out for dinner. When I got there, the two other girls were there lol. I was angry but just played along then he now said, this is my girl. I love her so much and it seems you guys have been disturbing her and I just want to let you guys know that she's the only one and if you can't respect it, I can't be friends with you guys then he kissed me and told the other two that the dinner was for the two of us so they should go. Yassss, I was happy and that melted my heart." 

Awwww. So sweet. So I'm just like Shantel, have had many awwwws in my life cause basically I never have any expectations. I don't expect anyone who ever it is to do stuff for me even on special days so anything unexpected and unasked for looks really sweet to me, and makes me feel very special. So I say awwww a lot. I have gotten surprise gifts, surprise party, surprise dinner, and just like happy too, he paid for my gym membership so I could loose weight lol. But the sweetest thing is just knowing that I need something or need to get something done, I don't have to ask you for it or to do it but you just did it anyways, really means a lot to me.  And then when I'm in a bad mood or really stressed and you keep trying all you can just to make me smile. That's really sweet.

So let me know what you think? If What the sweetest thing any guy has ever done or said that made your heart melt. And to the guys reading this, what has any girl done or said to you that made your heart melt? Feel free to tell stories and let it all out in the comments guys. Please subscribe with your email down below if you're reading with a phone and if you're on a computer, the box is by the right side of the screen so you don't miss out on the goodies that are coming up and get the latest updates first. Thanks For Reading. Until the next post, hugs!

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  1. U see yhis is my problem wen i say our genration has forgotten the true virtue of a relationship , i am here rrading he did that for me he did this for me none of the gals said he has loved me since the day we met , their own love i measures by first class ticket like someone said or romatic dinner . God help all of u to realise the guy that really loves the simplest tins just love caring isbthe true and most genuie thing he can offer u after first class ticket and he hoes nd sleep with ur best friend because he know that if he buys u a gucci bag u will forgive him , u gals shud better open ur eyes well we are emtering 2017

    1. Oh Collins, speak my mind.. And Danti,why didn't you put mine???? 😈😈

    2. Lol, Collins take it easy na. thank you for reading. But the question was more of the things that made your heart melt which is like actual actions. And no one can really go into so much details on here.

    3. @Jaylee Sarsih, I'm so sorry I forgot your part. Will update it I promise. Thanks hun.

  2. Aww Danie! You were missed! I loved the peppered snail scene too. The sweetest thing I can remember is this guy allowing me read a novel he was writing, when he never let anyone else read it. Him trusting and opening up was an aww moment for me.

    1. AWWWW! Feels good to hear I was missed lol. That was really sweet Lola. thanks for reading