What's The Best/Worst Way For Your Boyfriend To Break Up With You? #Girls Chat Series 18

by - December 01, 2016

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Happy new month people!

Welcome back to dateswithdanie, Well, I'm danie as you know and if you don't know, that means it's your first time here so welcome, welcome, welcome! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope you stick around. Hope everyone is doing great? Unto the chat of today ⏩⏩

Inspired by Toke Makinwa's book "on becoming", you all know I fan girl hard for Aunty Toke (yes, she's my aunty, don't ask how we're related). I'll probably talk about her book in another post, but in the book, she mentioned a scene when she was still in Uni and she saw her then boyfriend Seun who she was having a fight with at the time with another girl at a party. When he spotted her, he walked up to her, tried to talk to her but she wasn't paying him any attention and there and then over the loud music told her that he thinks they should start seeing other people and backed away from her. Not only had she been unceremoniously dumped at a night club but infront of the girl she was being dumped for! Oh my God!

 Which immediately got me thinking "if your boyfried is going to dump you, what's the best way he can do it, where? When? What should be the circumstances? Or better still what's the worst way bae can break up with you?" I asked a couple of people who sent in hilarious responses, kisses to you girls. 

Rashida said "probably face to face when we are having a fight and am angry not when everything looks so sweet so I don't get too depressed"

Joy said "I would actually prefer the breakup to be in my house where he is seeing me face to face. However he chooses to break up with me won't be a problem"

Etha said "I don't even want him to break up with me, I should be the one to break up with him"

Chizoba said "privately, when it's just the both of us and when I'm in my neutral mood"

Mary said "best way is in private. Worst way is in public"

Mercy said "he could call me or text me or come over to my residence, we talk and he tells me why he wants to break up with me & his words must be convincing enough though they may hurt"

Happy said "okay before my boyfriend breaks up with me, it has to be either I did something extremely wrong or we decide to call it quits together. On the first occasion, texting me or calling me is the best. On the second occasion, the both of us have to see each other, sit over a drink or somewhere calm cause it's an agreement. The worst has to be where people are and he says it openly or just breaking up already in his heart and starts acting towards that without letting me know"

Oluchi said "worst will be through cheating or public break up. Best way will be by talking to each other and settling and over food"

Shantel said "there's never a best way to break up, everything sucks unless I don't love the person but if I do, there's nothing called best way my dear. The worst is just for you to see him update his status to in a relationship with another girl or start posting another girl without even telling you... that's the worst way possible"

Okiki said "whatever circumstance. However feels best for him. He shouldn't embarrass me o, it should be a private thing"

Vivian said "if it's not long distance, I would prefer he comes to me to let me know it's not going down well with him then if it's long distance and he can't meet me at the time, a call or text will do. The both will hurt but it's much more respectable. The worst is to just ignore me and allow me to keep thinking he's in it"

Thembi said "myself, a guy can't break up  with me. Before he even tells me that, I would have read his mind and I can easily confuse him. No it will never happen, I'm too smart for that. In my whole life, guys have never broken up with me. Most relationships ended because I was no longer interested"

Temi said "I have not experienced it before, in person is better"

Lol, Oluchi said over food and at first I was laughing and calling her foodie but I realised if you don't eat, how will you have energy to cry well?  😅😅 There are many boss ladies here that are the ones doing the break up like Etha and Thembi. Chizoba said in her neutral mood... lol, what's your neutral mood please? And Rashida said break up with me when we're fighting not when it's all sweet, it's true though before breakup hits you out of the blues. Then in Shantel's case, some guys don't have chill at all. 

For me, any break up would hurt but I really hate embarrassment so the worst would probably be if it's in front of people especially his friends, oh God, S.H.A.M.E. Then like Vivian and Happy also said, when the guy is done with you in his mind, doesn't say anything but keeps serving attitude, so annoying 😭...I repeat so annoying, why do you guys do that? Answer in the comments anyone.  

Well over to you guys, what's the best/worst way that bae can tell you that the relation needs to leave the ship? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section down below, I would love to hear from you and also what you think of the replies in the post. Thanks for reading till the end. Feel free to share this post with any of the social buttons and subscribe via email so you get all latest updates first. Until the next post, hugs!

P.S. Toke Makinwa's book has so many lessons for us girls, head over to Mide's blog here for all the deets in her #girlschat post of the week. 
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  1. Hmmmm so funny how gurls even expect breakup at good mood, by text or call or in private.....well to me break up is not in my dictionary.
    Why will u ever breakup with a woman didn't you define your relationship? Anyway it happens....to me if i happen to date a woman i give her the best of love unless she no longer find it comfortable or she is greedy (trying to play around) or she is loosed and wanna sample all fine dudes then she walks away on her own. Most girls hmmmm dog has lick their faces that there is no more shame in them so they can do anything.
    I pity our generation tho if we want to find out ask your mum how many men she has met before finally settling with your mum......"we may feel our parents lie to us but i bet u their lives are true most of our mothers....the husband they have now which is your dad is the only man they have ever met". Girls abeg Stop jumping from guy to another there are no better men elsewhere than the one in your hand.....we all have our faults to an extent...try to manage it. Nurture it and groom it to be the best that other will be envious of...
    Sis Daniella God bless u real good

    1. Are you saying why would someone breakup? People break up whenever things go south in a relationship... You're are saying you have never ended things with someone before? Well, our moms' cases are kind of different. What kind of shade are you throwing at girls like this even? What do you mean by dog has licked their faces, I'm taking offence cause I'm a girl too. But thanks Williams for reading and commenting too, lol, xx

    2. Eeerrrr via Text!! That is the worst..I did it to someone once and my thinking was that it would be less painful, then it happened to me and it pained like a b. If you really like the person you would appreciate them coming to you face to face to end things..gives you that last respect..as long as you promise you wont hold them by the shirt and beg them to not leave you. Then you both move on, hopefully to what God really had in store for you

  2. Lol. Hmmm.. And this has happened to me, the worst way to Break up with me is in ur house or ur place, anywhere were after a breakup i would have to up and leave, that is embarrassing and hurtful, if someone should break up with me, it should be somewhere were he should be the one to leave, somewhere i can just lie back and continue crying or whatever, nor break uo with me and the i will still have to get up, and leave, d trauma will be too much for me o

    1. LOL, Salmah your preferences tho! I guess that's why we're all different. Thank you dear

  3. How do you break up from boo? Funnily rhetorical. seriously why "break up" when there was never a "make up." Since social media does a whole lot of making up this days, it would be a best bet I believe. Imagine, boo got a wake up call from a friend 7am asking; "have you seen the post on your wall?"

    1. LOL, that's true! Social media is causing a lot of stuff. HAHA!

  4. Omigosh Danie! So when I read the book, I literally wanted to punch that asshole in the face. How dare you disrespect our Aunty Toke or any woman for that matter in that manner? I would never want a public break up, that will be the worst for me, or dumping me for a girl I know. I also wrote a post about my reaction to her book.

    1. Lol, Lola you sha, can be very emotional...punch the asshole?? but true though, see "dizrezpeg". I read your post, love it!

  5. Ah, break ups suck! My worst was over Facebook messenger! Really! Douche.

    1. LMAO @Facebook Messenger. In my country we would say "nawa oo" but really tho? that's rude! Thanks Mechell for reading!