Let's Eat Out For #NationalFastFoodDay (Photoblog X Burger City)

by - November 16, 2016

Hey Loves!
Welcome back to my blog! Hope everyone is doing great? This blog is in honour of November 16th National fast food day, the last similar post was for #nationalSTEMDay, read that here. I really hope you guys enjoy reading this blog and don't forget to leave a comment at the end. 

For as long as I can remember I have been eating fast food, I have so many Mr. Biggs memories from my childhood days, lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, Mr. Biggs was this fast food chain/eatery in Nigeria back then, I am not sure if they are still operating (if you can relate to Mr. Biggz, let's catch up in the comment section). So I remember always having meat pie, doughnut (I loved their doughnuts with the jam inside), chicken pie and sausage rolls a lot from Mr. Biggz and cake sometimes. I would always go with my parents and siblings and they had this little play area for children, those days were lit!

I don't really know if suya counts as fast food maybe a category called local fast food. If it does, then suya makes the list as well but the most bomb combination has to be roasted suya chicken + Gurasa, I miss eating it soo much, there was a man at the end of my street who used to sell this every evening😍😍. Take me back to Kano! Another item I liked was meat pie from baker's delight, it was always very filling and then oasis bakery had some good stuff too. Good times! Good times!

When I first came to Cyprus, my room mate kept hyping something called a durum and she said it's the Turkish version of a shawarma. The first one I tried was a huge turn off but I eventually  tried some better ones and fell in love. It's basically a wrap made of shredded roasted chicken or beef mainly within the flour wrap. It can be jazzed up with mayonnaise, ketchup, parsley, chips, tomatoes, onions, etc but I can't stand all those extras, I like mine to be pure meat and onions only with some chilli pepper. 

From my last Durum session

I started eating pizzas when I got to Uni and my friend bright introduced me to my first chicken pizza with melted cheese, oh lawd and ever since then, the love between myself and chicken pizza just grew and grew especially cause there was a pizza shop in my school 😁😁. My friends and I went to Burger City at the beginning of the week, they actually invited me to go (hi Goody, hi Yilcit, if you're reading this, thanks for inviting me, let's do it again) and when I go there, I always have my beef burger, I have tried other kinds of burgers but the beef burger just cuts it for me and I have a phobia for trying new things πŸ˜“. I also get chips, chicken wings( yes please!), the chicken wings at burger city are amazeballs! When it's warmer, I get a milkshake too but this time, the yedigun(which is like merinda) was fine for me and we ordered for the small sized drinks and they gave us these huge ones and we were thinking if these are the small ones we asked for, please how do the bigger ones look like? 

it's bigger in real life

Yilcit's face πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Cute guy said he liked my nails, lol


I took a lot of pictures than I normally would but it was all for a purpose. I went to Johnny Rocket once, the burgers were more expensive that's fine, I paid the higher price but then, it made my tommy upset and I just gave up on going back there. And I didn't really like the milkshake there. But it's just my opinion, a lot of people love and prefer Johnny Rockets anytime, any day.  I'm inlike with the sandwiches at popeyes although it's been a while I ate there.

My Burger City Balloon and I

So that's all for this post guys. Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you eat fast food? stupid question, cross that, yes of course you do, so what do you have? where do you go? Do we have the same things? Need I say this post is featuring burger city, thanks for reading till the end. Until the next post, hugs!

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  1. I like having the full house menu at Johnny Rockets. I don't take milkshakes, I just drink water lol. Nice post Danie.