DIY: Make Your Own Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

by - October 05, 2016

Since this is my first blog post in this month, I want to wish you guys a happy new month. I hope October has been really good to you so far. In case you didn't know, every October is breast cancer awareness month and so I and my friend and fellow blogger Oyinlola of hazyfantasies blog have collaborated to bring you guys series of breast cancer awareness posts during the course of this month which means you should watch this space and check out her blog so you don't miss out on what's coming.

You most probably have seen the pink ribbon before or maybe not. Well, the pink ribbon and the colour pink are used all over the world to show moral support for survivors and those still struggling with the disease, you can read all about the pink ribbon here. So I decided to make one for myself, it's really simple, quick and easy. All you need is a roll of pink ribbon, obviously, a pair of scissors and some glue.

  • Cutting out the Pink Ribbon - I used my scissor to cut out a strip of the ribbon from the roll. I didn't use any measurements but you can cut out about 3 inches. I couldn't find a thinner ribbon  at the store so I cut mine in half so it's not too big but if your ribbon isn't this wide, you don't need to. 

  • Forming The Shape - Hold both ends of the ribbon with both hands. Fold the end in your right hand over that in your left hand, it forms something like a loop at the top and an X at the bottom. 
  • Sticking The Ribbon At The Middle - When you get the mid point where the two sides should join, you squeeze some glue in between the ribbons and press down for some seconds with your finger so it sticks.  
  • Decorating Your Ribbon - You don't need to do this step but if you have any thing you want to use to decorate the ribbon, you can easily glue it on. I got some tiny silver things almost like stones from an old jewellery and I simply glued them to the centre of the ribbon. You can use any thing like rhinestones, glitter, flowers etc. 

Voila! Your pink ribbon is ready, use an office pin to pin it to your shirt or a safety pin working from the inside of your blouse. You can make some for your friends, your support group if you have one or just for yourself to rock during the month of October and show your support for breast cancer.

That's it guys. thanks for reading till the end. Hope you find this very useful. If you do make one for yourself, let me know how it turns out. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends using any of the social media buttons below. Some more goodies are coming up this month so like I said watch this space. Thanks again guys. Until the next post, hugs!

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